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3 day ago

NOT MY ART OF COURSE, BUT VENOM 2018’s LOOKING GREAT SKSKSK I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, for some reason I almost completely lost interest in drawing — but hey, Venom 2018 #9 came out and it just.... MY FEELINGS

13 day ago

so my dad told me to “bring the Thor bobble head downstairs, let’s make a meme” and I’m honestly so proud XD  #marvel  #thor  #thoragnarok #mcu  #marvelcinematicuniverse  #jollyrancher  #thormemes  #thormeme  #meme  #memes

17 day ago

Messing with references tonight oof also sorry about the anatomy and inaccuracies  #marvel  #buckybarnes  #fanart

19 day ago

(I realized I messed up the colors.) I got bored so I tried to redraw an album cover of a song that suits Tony Stark. I also think it’s cringe so just ignore the terrible anatomy as well  #tonystark  #ironman  #marvel #mcu  #burymefacedown

28 day ago

Stan Lee. I haven’t really known of you for very long, but I know you’ve helped to create a world of entertainment. I know that world you’ve helped to create has inspired so many people to create and keep going. The world continues to inspire me. So thank you, Stan Lee, for being a real-life superhero. Rest In Peace.  #stanlee

1 month ago

1 month ago

Okay, so I forgot to mention my screen time is limited digitally, so sometimes I am banned from apps like instagram. Here’s a meme for you all since I love Venom too much  #venommovie  #venom2018  #venommovie2018

1 month ago

Screw the clothing folds in this screenshot  #venommovie  #venommovie2018  #venom2018

1 month ago

I swear blood and tears for this— also you can see my notes on the characters  #venom  #venommovie  #venommovie2018  #venom2018

1 month ago

I’m getting to do character study and his face shape is killing me  #venom  #venommovie  #venom2018  #eddiebrock  #tomhardy  #venommovie2018

1 month ago

I did not make this meme but— I MIGHT SEE VENOM TODAY AND I’M HYPED

1 month ago

The arm next to her mouth is her right arm, not the left arm. I realized my mistakes (mostly in anatomy) and didn’t bother to fix anything

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