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2 day ago

Saturday Smiles  @goatsofanarchy

2 day ago

I call this one, don’t drop the soap •  @arebernard

3 day ago

Butterfly Effect

4 day ago

Post surgery had me take 2 months off of working out. Happy to be back 💪🏼👊🏼

5 day ago

What do you fear the most 📷  @bonnienichoalds

10 day ago

I left a party without losing anything, how surprising. @gq  #gqmoty

13 day ago

Meet Piper. Wears white shirts and eats açaí bowls simultaneously, because challenge accepted. Get you a Piper

17 day ago

How to never leave your home: build a dance studio in it 🐒 where are my fellow dancers

23 day ago

You thought this was just light play. No, Darth Vader was indoctrinating me as I tied my shoes.

25 day ago

Happy Thanksgiving! @catskill_animal_sanctuary

27 day ago

shape shifter ☾ @bonnienichoalds

29 day ago

Last month was a big one for me. (Full story on my YouTube, link in bio) I never thought I’d be sharing my story about my boobs. But, alas. Boobs. At 19, I decided to go under the knife and enhance my body. I went from a B cup to a DD overnight. There are so many reasons I decided to do it. I’ve always been mocked because of my weight (or lack of). I binge ate to change that. Not for me. But for everyone else. Once I gained ‘acceptable’ weight, I finished it off with the one thing that binge eating didn’t change. Boobs. It didn’t make me feel more beautiful and it certainly didn’t fill the void. Instead of working through the insecurities I had, I tried to mask it. Last month, I had surgery. I am now half way through the process of being implant free. I can’t wait to, finally, be silicon free. I couldn’t be happier! Do what makes you happy, just make sure it’s for yourself ❤️  @roguefoto

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