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1 hour ago

For more than 50 years, actor Jeff Goldblum has been playing jazz piano. Now at age 66, he's just released his debut album. "I’ve never been careerist or strategic or futurist about this at all," he told us. Click the link in our bio to read our interview with the actor-keyboardist. Photograph by Pari Dukovic

16 hour ago

This year has been great for weed. Michigan said yes to recreational pot, Massachusetts started to open dispensaries and California’s booming market continued to grow. So it’s no surprise that the consumer market has kept up, offering more and more products to discerning marijuana lovers. From aphrodisiac vape pens to dishwasher-safe bongs, we put together our picks for the best weed-friendly gifts for the holidays. Tap the link in our bio to see our 2018 cannabis gift guide. Photograph by Per Bengtsson

20 hour ago

Penny Marshall, the influential actress and filmmaker, has died at age 75. After making a name for herself with recurring roles on ‘The Odd Couple’ and ‘Happy Days,’ she shot to fame with ‘Laverne & Shirley.’ She stepped behind the camera in the Eighties, directing a string of blockbusters: ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash,’ ‘Big,’ ‘Awakenings’ and ‘A League of Their Own,’ among others. Click the link in our bio to learn more. Photograph by Paramount Television.

1 day ago

Happy birthday Keith Richards! The Rolling Stones guitarist may have mellowed with age, but he has raised enough hell to fill several lifetimes. We counted down 19 insane tales from his legendary life. Click the link in our bio to see the full list. Photograph by Ian Dickson

1 day ago

The three most cutting moments of this season of 'The Americans' — maybe of this entire wonderful series — came from Keri Russell: the throbbing vein in Elizabeth’s forehead as she chews out Paige one last time, the stifled gasp when she realizes what they have to do about Henry and the look on her face when she sees who’s on the platform as the train leaves the station. It was brutal stuff, all played to perfection — which is why Russell is one of Alan Sepinwall's picks for the 10 best TV performances of 2018. Tap the link in our bio to see who else made the list.

2 day ago

'Springsteen on Broadway' is a fresh, powerful artistic achievement in its own right – a man who’s confronting his past and putting it all into a new and unique context. Watch now on Netflix.

2 day ago

Decades are more popular than ever these days, as a useful shorthand for how culture changes over time. But more than ever, we’re not living in one. As people loved to say back in the Nineties: What’s up with that? Rob Sheffield explains why 2018 was a year of Nineties obsessions. Tap the link in our bio to read the full feature. Photograph by Jacob Bixenman

3 day ago

In our new feature, we go inside how Jered “Threatin” Eames, a down-on-his-luck headbanger, fabricated a persona, faked a tour and promoted himself as a hard-rock savior. “I’m just trying to manufacture the bandwagon effect,” he told us. Click the link in our bio to read the full story. Photograph by  @LeAnnMueller1

3 day ago

Earlier this year, comedian John Mulaney hysterically mocked the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the annual event that “inducts half a dozen ungrateful bands” that “dress like John Varvatos pirates.” In reality, he tells us that he watches the ceremony every year and can reel off favorite speeches. In our new feature, he gave his thoughts on this year's inductees. Click the link in our bio to read the full story. Photograph by Celeste Sloman

4 day ago

Right after her Pete Davidson engagement crashed, Ariana Grande celebrated with a Number One smash with kind words for her exes, including the late Mac Miller. "Thank U, Next" is featured on our list of the best songs of the year. Head to the link in our bio to check out the list in full.

4 day ago

Having worked its way through three different big-screen Spider-men at this point, Sony Pictures has now given us an animated addition to the ranks. And you would have every reason to view the very existence of 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' with emotions ranging from bleary-eyed weariness to hand-drawn-squiggles-around-the-head alarm. Tap the link in our bio to see why it's the only comic-book movie you’ll ever need and to read Peter Travers' review.

4 day ago

Natalie Portman's "Wrapped Up" is one of our picks for the best songs this week on our YouTube Music playlist. Click the link in our bio to see the full list.

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