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6 day ago

Todays Experts on Expert is one of our favorite intellectuals. Author/moral psychologist/professor— he wears a lot of hats atop that ginormous brain of his. Jonathan Haidt is on the podcast now!! 🍒

27 day ago

#TBT  #MonicaLovesCookies

1 month ago

Join the club girlfriend.

1 month ago

Basic and proud. ❤️💁🏽‍♀️🎄

2 month ago

Last night in Toronto something magical happened. I think you’ll be more than happy to trade in the atrocious video quality for the truly exceptional sound. There is no one better. We are lucky to know you  @bobmervak. ❤️🍒🎼❤️🍒🎼❤️

2 month ago

This is right after we got engaged.  #SisterwivesOnTopOfTheWorld. ❤️

2 month ago

There is nobody next to me on this flight. And just like that, I’m a believer. ✈️🙏🍒

3 month ago

This is the picture in the center of my vision board. As (and I’ve fact checked this diligently) there is no greater example of self improvement and commitment to betterment. Happy sobriety birthday to you, dear buddy. I’m proud to know you.  @daxshepard

4 month ago

When I first moved to LA, I had no idea what I was doing, where I was going or how to get there. The  #totallylaime podcast was always in my ear bringing me joy and hope as I wandered. Thank you  @elizabethlaime and  @doctorrosenrosen for this full circle moment and for letting  @daxshepard and I join the club! ❤️❤️❤️ Link in bio :)

4 month ago

Happy happy birthday to my mom, my baby, my wife. You’re the best we got,  @kristenanniebell. ❤️❤️❤️

5 month ago

Just finished Armchair Expert’s first LIVE show at  @largolosangeles. There were doors to the bathroom, but other than that- it was perfect. THANK YOU to all the gorgeous armcherries who showed up and showed out. We ❤️ you. ❤️🍒❤️🍒❤️🍒❤️

5 month ago

This RAD drinking vessel is brought to you by the delightful  @lesliegonerogue and the Rogue One podcast, where I was honored to be a guest. Here me ramble at ❤️

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