❓What do you guys think the most common things that random people say when they see me jump around and do my moves❓

One of them is definitely "He's gonna fall and break a few bones"..
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❓What do you guys think the most common things that random people say when they see me jump around and do my moves❓ . One of them is definitely "He's gonna fall and break a few bones".. . . . . . . . . . . .  #parkour  #freerunning  #parkourpaiyan  #supersaiyan  #strength  #power  #workoutmotivation  #fitness  #fitnessmotivation #fit  #training  #motivation  #inspiration  #powerhold  #calisthenics  #streetworkout  #workhard  #nevergiveup  #handstand  #oneplus6  #worldfullofathletes  #chennaiparkour  #tamilnaduparkour  #parkourpod  #chennai  #india

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    • @renegadetumbling8 day ago

      Super cool!

    • @parkourpaiyan8 day ago

      @renegadetumbling Thanks 😊

    • @marcocampanellasw8 day ago


    • @parkourpaiyan8 day ago

      @marcocampanellasw 😊😊

    • @pakka_crazy8 day ago

      Don't know what they tell u . Buy they tell me " u prove our ancestors were monkeys "

    • @monza048 day ago


    • @sushmaamasa8 day ago

      Useless fellow with no value for life

    • @parkourpaiyan8 day ago

      @sushmaamasa Haha yeah!

    • @parkourpaiyan8 day ago

      @pakka_crazy yeah. Sometimes they say nice things like this.

    • @parkourpaiyan8 day ago

      @monza04 Thanks 😊

    • @eashwar_mathur8 day ago

      Hey great pose, where is this place?

    • @parkourpaiyan8 day ago

      @eashwar_mathur Thanks. That's Anna tower park.

    • @danieldemetrios2 day ago


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    4 day ago

     #NKO اسمحولي غنّي للحلو تـ قلّلو أنا قلبي إلو لمّا نغنّي بِـ حُبّ منقشَع كلّ شي حلو.. . . . (استمعوا إلى أغنية  #الليلة_ليلتنا من خلال الضغط على الرابط الموجود في البايو)

    17 day ago

    What do you think is next for Negan now that he’s free?? . . .  #thewalkingdead  #skybound #twd  #season9 #amc #tv  #negan  #jeffreydeanmorgan  #freenegan

    13 day ago

    La Magra.

    12 day ago

    ? ? • • Love Nikki UID: 100404503 • First, just want to say thank you guys for all the encouraging comments on my last post? I hope I’m not too late for the LN competition lol. It’s still dec 2 where I am lmao. I wanted to draw something else but i totally ran out of time and energy, and the rules didn’t say we can’t enter older works ?. I decided to try another version to enhance the atmosphere, I hope it looks alright xD~ I’ve been playing this game for so long I’ll be damned if I don’t submit something, esp since this drawing took so much work lol. •  #lovenikki  #lovenikkifanart  #queen  #lovenikkidressupqueen

    14 day ago

    do you miss me?  @prettylittlething

    27 day ago

    Outdoor shower goal ?? A peine de retour, l’île Maurice me manque déjà! Mais j’ai encore quelque photos à vous faire partager ?  #beachcomberexperience  @beachcomber_hotels

    23 day ago

    On this Thanksgiving, we would like to express our gratitude to the fans, friends, and colleagues who have shown their support of Stan. Like you, we miss him dearly, but we are thankful that Stan’s legacy will live on and influence generations to come.

    29 day ago

    O Ses ?? Takımı Can’dır  @osesturkiye  @beyazitozturk26  @hadise  @sedasayan  @acunilicali

    14 day ago

    Lost Files ?  #lilkim  #queenbee  #beehive

    4 day ago

    Estamos grabando algo súper increíble.... ? A pensar de todo, tenemos que seguir adelante y no parar aunque tu cuerpo te lo pida...

    14 day ago

    Hazard steez  @harrystyles

    24 day ago

    Я не сижу сложа руки, я сижу сложа ноги. А мир слишком смешной, чтобы треснутая губа зажила.

    25 day ago

    Well hello, new episode of the  @id10t podcast guest, Henry Winkler! I love him. He is the best. Nicholas Cage should track him down with clues on our money because this man is a NATIONAL TREASURE. I did more work to get to that joke than Nic Cage did to find the treasure in the movie. In any case, this podcast is up so please listen and subscribe.  #id10t  #id10tpodcast

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    Thank you  @Variety for the incredible honor!

    10 day ago

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