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Classi prova GRATUITE per conoscere meglio il CrossFit e le sue linee guida!
Per info Sms/Whatsapp al numero 3494572640 Emil

#buildastrongerudine #crossfit #crossfitudine2014 #health #sport #community #kids #udine #fitness #fvg

Mercoledì 9 ore 20:30 Giovedì 10 ore 20:30 Classi prova GRATUITE per conoscere meglio il CrossFit e le sue linee guida! Per info Sms/Whatsapp al numero 3494572640 Emil  #buildastrongerudine  #crossfit  #crossfitudine2014  #health  #sport  #community  #kids  #udine  #fitness #fvg

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    The circle of life ?

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    Funny when I look through my phone and find old fitting pics, sometimes the fittings look better then the actual final look ? lol

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    Hey, Jason! Can you man the phones for a sec?

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    Terbang Duluuuuu ? ❤️  @derazonahelicopters

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    Dear Santa... Thank you ??????

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    “Commitment, dedication and passion gets Bronte locals up early every day for a morning swim.”  #ShotoniPhone by Sandra P.  @sandrapaino_

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    Схожу-ка я за хлебом... #придумайназваниекфото  #ааааа

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