Weekend 🙌🏻💪🏼😍

Weekend 🙌🏻💪🏼😍

8 day ago

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    11 day ago

    I’ve been thinking about the word beauty. Have you ever felt like that word was so unfair? Maybe even impossible to obtain, because of the image your mind / the world has portrayed of that word? I have. I felt like this word was so unfair, because our culture created this idea of beauty that seemed like only from striving you could obtain and even then, it wouldn’t measure up to enough. One night it hit me. I saw my friend taking off her makeup. She was in mid conversation when she stopped removing her makeup, so the right side of her face was fully done while left half of her face was freshly removed while she proceeded to finish her story. While I was watching her tell the story I just thought... wow, who told us that the right side was more beautiful. That the left side needed to be covered to convey an image of beauty? I recently asked God what real Beauty is in my prayer time, and I felt in my spirit my question answered. I heard... “beauty is everything you knew it to be before you let the world strip from you who you are.” One of the real definitions of beauty found in the dictionary says, “the best feature or advantage of something.” Another is, a “combination of qualities.” Beauty is actually totally fair, because beauty is really just originality. It’s not a goal, a title, a look, a position, it’s not limited to a group, it’s not something you can go out and buy, but it’s something that you were created with that no one else has. It’s the best feature of YOU. It’s your advantage. It’s your originality. Its your word to own and to make it come to life. It’s the combination of everything about you. People might have a narrow perspective of beauty, but if you allow yourself to be seen for who you are ... you might be the very thing that opens up the mindset of the word to the world.

    15 day ago

    Папе снова 17 ?

    2 day ago

    Только добрался до инстаграма. Прошли 2 безумных дня в Питере.  #зановоодиться и  #веьвстихи !!! Спасибо большое городу на Неве и клубу  @a2spb за гостеприимство и сумасшедшую энергию и очищение !!!! ??? Спасибо большое всей команде  #зановоодиться - как всегда это было по-другому, как всегда было очень круто, масса воспоминаний, которые всегда будут с нами !!! Фото сделано сразу после спектакля. Автор Михаил Иванов  @withoutfacespb

    16 day ago

    ??  @adidasfootball x  @easportsfifa x  @realmadrid #M12

    3 day ago

    Follow  @nature: Lion fight!?? Tag your other half!? Masai Mara National Park, Kenya, Africa. Photo by  @silha_vaclav  #nature

    8 day ago

    London calling ?  #music  #workmode  #travel  #homeawayfromhome

    5 day ago

    No need to search high and low.  #LVGifts of every size can be found in  #LouisVuitton’s Enchanted World of Gifts. Explore the selection via link in bio.

    26 day ago

    Наша звёздочка  @buzova86 ❤️ ты сделала невозможное ?? мы все сегодня и кричали, и пели, и смеялись и плакали от счастья ? для нас ты всегда - лучшая! Самая-самая ❤️ спасибо за этот невероятный концерт, наполненный любовью, потрясающей энергетикой и твоими эмоциями ❤️ это было незабываемо ???

    2 day ago

    New poster for our lil’ crazy comedy based on the true life story of @WWE’s  @RealPaigeWWE & her wrestling family. An honor for me to play a small part in Paige’s career defining moment, as well as bringing her family’s fascinating story to the big screen. Starring as Paige, is my fellow foodie and insanely talented  @florencepugh. Written & directed by my twin, the one and only  @stephenmerchant.  #FightingWithMyFamily  #OurCrazyBiz #MGM @sevenbucksprod FEBRUARY

    26 day ago

    At the  @avn_magazine nomination party ✨Photos by  @industrybyrick

    21 day ago

    Çocuk bile yıldı benden ? Bi kere çekcem sadece söz???

    13 day ago

    It’s kinda cold outside!

    16 day ago

    ?  #Paid GIVEAWAY w/  @BobsRedMill! This is like classic Rugelach, but better! We spiced the dough (made w/  @BobsRedMill Organic All Purpose Flour) w/ cinnamon & cardamom & then filled them with tahini, chocolate, pistachios & honey. Bake a batch & thank us later! ? One lucky winner will win $250 worth of  @BobsRedMill product. TO ENTER: 1) Follow  @BobsRedMill &  @thefeedfeed 2) Like this post 3) Tag a friend you'd make these for if you won! Each new comment + friend tagged counts as an additional entry. Sweepstakes will close December 4, 2018 at 11:59PM EST ?Link to rules: thefeedfeed.com/bobs-red-mill-rugelach-still-giveaway ?Get our  #recipe for Tahini Rugelach by clicking the link in profile or visit ff.recipes/rugelach  #feedfeed  #BobsRedMill  #hanukkah  #chanukah ? by  @thesweetandsimplekitchen

    24 day ago

    Пошёл во двор,в домино с мужиками поиграю...

    7 day ago

    This my stupid Hausa Friend  @fatherdmw55 na big fool? You no sabi something........why you come dey waste our time? Ordinary Balance diet na him you no sabi. Full video on my youtube page OFFICIAL BRODA SHAGGI or click the link in my bio Reporter:  @auntyshaggi  #Brodashaggi  #oyinbosay  #tainkyou  #shaggination  #oyahitme

    28 day ago

    Thank you Father for this wonderful family, your blessings and your protection.. • • • Photo by  @bennylims  @juniapics Styling by  @sylvishiil MUA  @adiadrianbeauty Wardrobe Chelsea  @loveandflair  @sukithelabel Wardrobe Nastusha  @meadowbabyofficial  @bimbistore Location  #juno_studio  #juniapics  #juniafamily  #juniabyben  #AlinskieChristmas2018