👑 .... God’s Plan ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

👑 .... God’s Plan ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

7 day ago

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    24 day ago

    feels SO good to b home ❤️ lounging in my  @fashionnova body suit

    21 day ago

    Today on bebo’s new radio show !  #whatwomenwant ??? on  @ishqfm_official  #proudsister  #womenpower

    8 day ago

    Love u all ?

    4 day ago

    Can’t help falling in love with this big guy. Sebelum netizen berkomentar -Jangan salfok sama stop kontak -Maafkan suaraku yang false

    2 day ago

    Мой родной город❤️ Сегодня. Санкт-Петербург. Ледовый. Жду вас ??12.12.18 Шоу «Принимай меня» ??  #моилюдивсегдасомной  #миомправитлюбовь#принимайменя

    24 day ago

    As the last bit of my personal BTS I bring you  @bignasty (we gotta talk about this Instagram handle too my dawg ?) such a work ethic. For a first time actor all you want to do is listen, take in everything and be yourself on camera. Flo did all of those things very well came in each and everyday eager to learn and get after scenes. So much emotion went into him playing Viktor Drago and couldn’t be prouder of this guy. Full speed ahead my man

    11 day ago

    Would you buy this Barbie ? Obviously she would come with ALL the encewear ?  #itmakesence  #Repost  @blackboxhaus ・・・ [ barbie strong ]  @brookeence ? . It’s not post. It’s art. .  #blackboxhaus  #itsnotpostitsart  #artcollage  #gallery  #collage  #photography  #crossfit  #crossfitgames  #artgallery  #girlswithmuscles  #girlspower  #supergirl  #barbie

    7 day ago

    #FBF shooting MIB with my partner in galaxy protection  @tessamaethompson when we were ripping aliens a new one. From memory, this shot was taken in between set ups when Tessa and I noticed some criminal activity on the streets in London. We immediately drew our laser guns and took down one of the largest crime syndicates in the city. Happy to say the streets of London are now safe again. You’re welcome world.  #MIBInternational ?️  @meninblack

    13 day ago

    Thank you so much Brother for inviting me. It was a great game. @psg I’m waiting for you in Dagestan.

    11 day ago

    Bienvenidos a  @OTRO /// Welcome to  @OTRO  #OTROisHere

    22 day ago

    #tbt Corría el año 1983, junto a dos socios tenía una empresa que fabricaba franelas, las llamamos “And & And”. En una gaveta a mi mano derecha estaba un pequeño librito con citas motivacionales que me regaló mi mamá. Se había devaluado el bolívar tremendamente. En medio de la desesperanza leí una frase que me marcó para siempre “Dios concede la victoria a la constancia. Simón Bolívar“ Treinta y cinco años después aquí estamos. No desfallezcamos. Persistir. Perseverar! Día de acción de gracias!

    27 day ago

    O CASAMENTO É REAL! Hailey Baldwin mudou seu insta pra Hailey Bieber com direito a nome completo na bio e tudo! Vivemos pra esse momento! Bem-vinda, Senhora Bieber! Segundo o TMZ, a mudança foi feita após um pedido do próprio Justin. Vem saber todos os detalhes, clicando no link na bio ou no destaque “News” dos Stories.

    3 day ago

    red-carpet “black-tie”

    14 day ago

    Ходоки повсюду. Жду Короля Севера в шубе от  @vtoroy_mekhovoy ???

    26 day ago

    Finally ❤️ Always my  #hypeandsteam  @vectorthaviper ??‍♀️?❤️?????  #teamwinning

    23 day ago

    Funny when I look through my phone and find old fitting pics, sometimes the fittings look better then the actual final look ? lol