Traditional Suvadive themed reception. 
#theme #reception #hotel #resorts #islands #maldives #tourism #hospitality #travel #bucketlist #wanderlust #islandlife #interiordesign #design #traveling

Traditional Suvadive themed reception.  #theme  #reception  #hotel  #resorts  #islands  #maldives  #tourism  #hospitality  #travel  #bucketlist  #wanderlust  #islandlife  #interiordesign  #design  #traveling

Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort9 day ago

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      12 day ago

      Versace looking ass

      12 day ago

      Un boug happy ...?  #GilletjauneGang

      23 day ago

      КАСПИЙСКИЙ ДЕПУТАТ: СТАЛИН МУЧАЛ НАШИХ БРАТЬЕВ ЧЕЧЕНЦЕВ, ИНГУШЕЙ, И МНОГИХ ДРУГИХ! НЕ НУЖНА НАМ УЛИЦА В ЧЕСТЬ НЕГО 16 ноября в городе Каспийске, прошла 30 очередная сессия собрания депутатов городского округа "город Каспийск" шестого созыва. На этой сессии депутат собрания от партии справедливая Россия, президент Федерации профессионального бокса Республики Дагестан, Зайналабид Гаджиев поставил вопрос о переименовании одной из улиц города, которая носит имя Сталина. В своём выступлении он сказал что Сталин это тот человек который принёс очень много горя и страданий миллионам людей, в первую очередь нашим соседям нашим братьям чеченцам, ингушам, балкарцам и карачаевцам. «Он не пожалел ни стариков не детей не женщин, их посадили в вагоны и выселили за тысячи километров от родного дома в среднюю Азию. В результате этого, от болезней, голода и холода погибло большое количество людей. Я уже не говорю о том что заживо сжигали и расстреливали женщин детей и стариков. Я считаю иметь улицу имени Сталина в нашем городе, это большое неуважение к нашим соседским братским народам. У нас в Дагестане много достойных людей, в честь кого и памяти кого можно назвать эту улицу. Так как она расположена прям возле дворца спорта имени Али Алиева, можно назвать её именем какого нибудь спортсмена, я предлагаю её назвать именем Хабиба Нурмагомедова!» - заявил Зайналабид Гаджиев.

      9 day ago

      So happy to be on  @theellenshow and share vegan jelly donuts with the audience. Happy Hanukkah to all those celebrating!

      15 day ago

      “I’m going to be a cowgirl today” -me lol ??‍♀️

      20 day ago

      I posted my elk steak dinner tonight on my story and I am getting a ton of messages about where i buy elk from. Y’all- I don’t buy it. The meat we eat at home comes from bow hunting. And I’m sure that’s going to result in some people unfollowing me, and that’s ok if you fully understand it in it’s entirety. I hiked 200 miles in 16 days in Idaho on this trip. I harvested my bull (male elk) with my bow. It was a fatal shot as I make sure I am as proficient with my equipment as I can be. I value life and I know that if I want to eat meat, I’m going to go out and get it myself with my bow - I don’t care if you’re vegan. I don’t care if you only eat bananas. I don’t care how you eat. What I do care about is respect. If you do eat meat- please understand that something died to nourish your body. For some of us, it’s in our blood to go out into nature and hunt for our food. 97% of Americans eat meat yet only about 3% of us hunt. Your food is coming from somewhere whether you saw it die or not - This elk will sustain me and josh all year (on top of the turkey, deer, etc we hunt). It’s the most amazing meat I’ve ever had (peep my story) and I know it lived a life God intended. On top of meat sustaining us, we have donated tens of thousands of meals over the years to those in need. Thank you for respecting me and this aspect of my life - @hoytbowhunting  @eastonarchery  @traegergrills  @bowmarbowhunting

      21 day ago

      Black & white to fit that grey weather outside ☁️??‍♀️ had some tiny issues with too much traffic on the website yesterday but  @cluse has still up to 50% off watched, straps & jewelry for Black Friday ?? just go on if the swipe up in my story isn’t working ?? I can seriously get used to all those coupons hahah - I’m gonna spend 1 or 2h online shopping while chilling in bed and sipping on some tea ??  #andthenbacktowork ? #50  #blackweekend

      15 day ago

      Photos by  @richardbarnes | When I was an artist in residence at the Smithsonian Institution, I took photographs of animals in deep storage. I was interested in where the animals that had once been on the main floor of the museum were destined for after they had been replaced or deemed no longer worthy of exhibition upstairs. With each crate I opened, I came upon a scene of both extreme care and a sad desolation. Care in the ways that the conservators had packed up the animals with each leg or paw, artificial plant, etc., carefully strapped and supported by an armature. And desolation in thinking how these majestic animals that once roamed the forest or savannah were now destined to spend eternity in a box. It has always struck me as strange that we cull animals from the wild only to "re-animate" them later in the museum. These animals in their crates were truly "twice dead." This body of work forms the chapter titled "Container" in my book "Animal Logic."  #Animallogic  #Smithsonian  #diorama

      1 day ago

      New couple alert.  @brookslaich don’t be jealous. ?:  @iflyheli

      9 day ago

      Tag that person! ??  @worldstar  #WSHH

      7 day ago

       #PUBG is coming to PS4! Land, loot, and survive in the ultimate fight of life and death, now on PlayStation 4. AVAILABLE NOW.

      9 day ago

      Appreciate the love & support. Even in a quiet year when i didn’t put out a project, after all these years y’all were still listening. Thank You  @spotify & Thanks to all the fans of my music who have been holding me down for so long.... But i got some new music coming very soon & we gonna turn these numbers up for 2019. ???❤️

      24 day ago

      Got to visit the  @bestfriendsanimalsociety adoption center today! Love any chance to play with animals and they told me that this weekend, starting Friday, you can adopt any of their animals for 10 dollars! If I didn't already have 4 dogs and a tortoise of my own, I would have been tempted to bring one home today... Adopt!!

      19 day ago

      Turn your daily commute into a victory lap.  #Jaguar  #FTYPE  #Coupé  #Peformance  #Sport  #Convertitble  #CarsofInstagram

      3 day ago

      tag those friends ❤️

      24 day ago

      Пошёл во двор,в домино с мужиками поиграю...