This is in the #Supernatural Makeup trailer. I think @jensenackles made it.

This is in the  #Supernatural Makeup trailer. I think  @jensenackles made it.

3 day ago

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    • @jerseygirl19681 day ago

      @trishymakeup Thank you for clearing out the bullshit. Can you bring Misha a glass of water when you have a chance, though? He's really, really thirsty.

    • @debbie_wylde1 day ago

      @anniarzate jaajajajajaa no mámes ocupo jaajajaajajá

    • @destielocean1 day ago

      @jerseygirl1968 you can really really fuck off 👌

    • @jerseygirl19681 day ago

      @destielocean Desperate?

    • @b.s.unknown1 day ago

      @destielocean 😂😂😂👌👌💙

    • @destielocean1 day ago

      @b.s.unknown that coward just blocked me 😂

    • @b.s.unknown1 day ago

      @destielocean 😂😂😂wow God!!!

    • @b.s.unknown1 day ago

      @jerseygirl1968 Do you want a glass of water to eliminate fear or anger?!

    • @ryder.dun1 day ago


    • @jerseygirl19681 day ago

      @b.s.unknown As long as you promise I get to keep my amusement

    • @b.s.unknown1 day ago

      @destielocean now me too😂😂

    • @stefficassaro1 day ago


    • @sum1whocared1 day ago

      @trishymakeup thanks for setting the record straight. Somebody always looking to pander

    • @itzmichiko1 day ago

      @jensenackles needs a raise

    • @havishmanaomi1 day ago

      Castiel's true form 😂😂😂

    • @chiara_cipriani011 day ago

      @yambeeer nooo che brutteee

    • @merryq.981 day ago

      😂😂😂😂😆yeah Jensen made that😆

    • @z_panda_k1 day ago


    • @liulkinapolina1 day ago

      Тут есть кто русский кроме меня??

    • @coe93371 day ago

      폰이 초기화가 됐어요 ㅠㅠ

    • @yambeeer1 day ago

      @chiara_cipriani01 ma va la, è bellissimo

    • @yzabel_461 day ago

      Love this

    • @_hugomix_22 hour ago


    • @supernaturally_made21 hour ago

      @shoeless_sam thank you for pointing this out 😂😂😂

    • @shoeless_sam21 hour ago

      @supernaturally_made of course! 😂😂

    • @supernaturally_made21 hour ago

      @shoeless_sam thank you for pointing this out 😂😂😂

    • @ecemyyildiz20 hour ago

      @bennueken ndjdjdjdkdkdkskdkekdndkdk

    • @bennueken20 hour ago

      @ecemyyildiz sjdndnfmgm

    • @breannonsmith9519 hour ago

      @jerseygirl1968 I agree with you. Misha is thirsty for attention and he’ll lie to get that attention.

    • @jerseygirl196819 hour ago

      @breannonsmith95 Yup

    • @strawberryblossom1718 hour ago

      @trishymakeup Thank you so much for telling us the real truth about this!

    • @varlamova_sa14 hour ago

      @misha Какой милашка😊

    • @j._.kate10 hour ago

      @deansbaby79 Jared would sit there all day like “ehhh...this ornament needs to be slightly to the right” rofl

    • @deansbaby7910 hour ago

      @j._.kate or “wait, let me measure the distance...” 😂

    • @j._.kate10 hour ago

      @deansbaby79 Yes😂

    • @botanicalbabydoll8 hour ago

      @tinky.pie omg. Thank you for this blessing

    • @kilad_fox2 hour ago


    • @nataliaguiars2 hour ago

      @vitinps our tree

    • @tumblraestheticbitch1 hour ago

      Heyo I post aesthetically pleasing tumblr shit posts

    • @kiasca_blacksun12 minute ago

      @el_enterao 😂😂😂😂😂

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