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    13 day ago

    Today is her day! My little sunshine that brightens my everyday! There are no words to express how much I love you!  #infinitelove  #mygirlygirl ❤️?????? Hoje é o dia dela! Meu raio de sol que ilumina todos os meus dias. Não há palavras para expressar o quanto eu te amo.  #amorinfinito  #minhapequena

    15 day ago

    Well done my friends for taking part in the  @bwinpkr card giveaway. The winners are...  #repost  @bwinpkr with  @get_repost ・・・ The winners from the giveaway  @hazardeden_10, 30th November - Keep an eye on Eden and us for future giveaways! @maximevanhaver  @mtchll_wrd  @bastoss__77  @elainesim1965  @dennisss92  @bogdan.p89  @smagurka  @christ_ian.40  @kylehall1996  @georgejames95.. @bwinpkr will dm to sort out your deck of cards.  #bwinpoker  #onlinepoker  #changethegame  #millionsonline  #giveaway  #edenhazard  #hazardseries  #brandambassador

    20 day ago

    Dear Santa... Thank you ??????

    12 day ago

    It ended in a 2-1 defeat at Wolves. ? Maurizio Sarri said: ‘I am very worried, not with the result, but for the fact we didn’t react to the first goal of the opponent.’ #CFC  #Chelsea

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    8 day ago

    ⠀ До Нового года остался ровно 21 день ☃️ Давайте все вместе составим идеальный новогодний подарок? ⠀ Предлагаю вам: ⠀ ❄️ включить фантазию на полную мощность ⠀ ❄️ использовать в описании цвета, которые вы видите на фотографии ⠀ ❄️ отписаться в комментариях ⠀ Мы с  @anella_miller прочитаем все ответы ✨ ◽️⠀ There are exactly 21 days left until the New Year ☃️ Let's all make up the perfect New Year's gift? ⠀ I offer you: ⠀ ❄️ turn on fantasy but full power ⠀ ❄️ use in the description of the colors that you see in the photo ⠀ ❄️ unsubscribe in the comments ⠀ We  @anella_miller will read all the answers ✨

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    14 day ago

    Предновогодние катания по средам

    13 day ago

    Happy Birthday Gabbar  @shikhardofficial ! ??? Wishing you all the success and Happiness. To a great year ahead.???

    28 day ago

    When you know the Cullinan’s about to land but people still talking about this Lamb Urus... ⏳??

    12 day ago

    ?? MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA ?? I’m coming to your city at the Palais Theatre on Friday 11th January... can’t wait to see you all! Tickets at www.khabiblive.com.au  @thehourgroup

    14 day ago

    Немаленькой девчонкой в кажется далеком 98ом году я и мечтать не могла, что окажусь на балу в честь 20-летия Vogue  @voguerussia! Да не просто так, а в качестве музы одного из прекраснейших российских дизайнеров Анастасии Романцовой  @anastasiaromantsova (@alarusse)❤️ Отдельно хочу восхититься великолепной Машей Федоровой  @mashavoguerussia, главным редактором главного журнала о моде в России. Маша, ты блистала! Впрочем, как и всегда✨ Спасибо за такой невероятный вечер! P.S. Да, вы верно заметили, под этим неземным белым смокингом я в прекрасных шелковых трусишках-шортиках? Мой muah от  @s_shayda?

    15 day ago

    chicago! december 22nd, come join us for a very special Lyrical Lemonade Christmas. bringing out some close friends and a few surprises ?? (art by  @jaydotb)

    25 day ago

    I’m in Vernon Hills , I don’t know why ?

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    12 day ago

    Life is not easy neither for you nor for me. I had an intense day shooting for a scene for the upcoming episode of Nagin 3. It was a challenge for me as an actor and feels good for successfully completing it. What do you think made Mahir cry? Comment and let's see who can guess it right. . . .  #mahir #pvp  #life  #comingsoon  #naagin3  #staytuned