With a sweet smile & a toast,
here's to ❤️ing holiday sips the most.
#HotChocolate #ChestnutPralineLatte
Regram: @ashleyyhoangg

With a sweet smile & a toast, here's to ❤️ing holiday sips the most.  #HotChocolate  #ChestnutPralineLatte Regram:  @ashleyyhoangg

5 day ago

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    • @mosabbdaer3 day ago

      Do u prepare girls with coffee 😐😐

    • @courtcamp_3 day ago

      @mairead_treanor we should get featured in this page

    • @mairead_treanor3 day ago

      @courtcamp_ I agree  @starbucks we’re you’re biggest fans

    • @jodie.fab3 day ago

      @starbucks wish I could say the same about my Starbucks experience yesterday. Customer service is zero at MIA International airport.

    • @adeliine_993 day ago


    • @rdnazli3 day ago

      I had a decaf coffee couple of weeks ago in northeastern university Starbucks and it was bot decaf so I couldn’t breath after I drank a little of that , they I went to hospital with ambulance. And now I’m charged for 300$ after all the insurance. And I told them they even did not call me . I bought a 3-4$ coffee and I was about to die and now i have to pay 300$ and nobody even called me. I’m an student and I really cannot pay this much for a coffee. Starbucks just don’t care about its costumers that’s a shame

    • @dilmuro_kholbekov3 day ago


    • @nope27673 day ago

      Litteraly a skinnier remi cruz

    • @1.loganwolf2 day ago

      💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾  #positivevoicesphilly  #positivevoicesphiladelphia

    • @starbook.star2 day ago


    • @savagemowgli2 day ago

      Going out of my way to inform people how Starbucks is rude to minorities. I experienced this at a few of the Ventura locations.

    • @savagemowgli2 day ago

      Starbucks against blacks and minorities! Boycott.

    • @nicole_pope20252 day ago


    • @madeinischialondon2 day ago

      @madeinischialondon come to visit us at 95 Seven Sisters Road N7 7QP. You should not miss it!!!  #italianstreetfoodlondon show this message and you will get 10% discount.

    • @socialfox_net2 day ago

      Nice! ✌✌

    • @ituyolunda181 day ago

      Why aren’t there this cups in Starbucks Turkey 😭😭

    • @_melinegrigoryan_1 day ago


    • @hasrina.moktar1 day ago


    • @hidaya_jaafar1 day ago

      I love it❤️❤️❤️

    • @rafah29061 day ago

      Patrocina o  @feehideki

    • @starbucks1 day ago

      @hidaya_jaafar Cheers to little holiday delights and flavors!

    • @andrea_munizl23 hour ago

      Son re truchos, mi marido invirtió 1000 dólares y jamás vio ni un peso de ganancias

    • @k1k200r21 hour ago

      اكسسوارات مطليات ذهبيه وفضيه وبأسعار مناسبه وممتازه مع ضمان الجوده والألوان الثابته ❤ سلاسل ❤ خواتم ❤طقوم رجالي ❤ و بروشات❤ تاجات❤ واطواق ❤ و متوفر لدينا مكياج❤👌🏻 وساعات❤و فروشات❤ لطلب و الاستفسارات ❤ اتشرف بكم وتس آب. 00966593606305🚗🙆🏼‍♀

    • @ltarr_19 hour ago


    • @qonitaannaf14 hour ago


    • @royleshniak13 hour ago


    • @bekaham_3 hour ago

      This drink is amazing! I love it so much, great product 😃  @jessi.kay

    • @popsnarl3 hour ago

      Agent Dale Cooper would not approve.

    • @jessi.kay3 hour ago

      @bekaham_ 😂

    • @jaykaykisses1 hour ago


    • @jaykaykisses1 hour ago


    • @jaykaykisses1 hour ago


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    27 day ago

    They say, being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice.  #ChooseWisely

    6 day ago

    Such a wonderful day with my baby girl. HB sweetheart ?

    5 day ago

    Muita gente ta falando do cachorrinho q foi morto... muitos ainda vão morrer se não existir uma lei mais regida.... pagar no mínimo 500 mil reais por cada vida tirada de um animal indefeso ... mais trabalhos comunitários limpando canil publico por um ano... e não conseguir trabalho pelo menos por alguns anos... uma vida não pode valer uma cesta básica, o ser humano tem que aprender com os bichos a ser mais “GENTE”. Nesse momento crianças, velhos, animais estão sendo espancados ou mortos porque não existe nada que os impeçam. Que Deus coloque mais amor no coração das pessoas esse é meu pedido de natal.

    16 day ago

    Фотография может не совсем вписывается в посыл) У меня вот сегодня подтвердилось наличие предпринимательского духа, когда я посреди ночи проснулась в холодном поту после сна, где якобы рядом с моим салоном конкуренты построили такой же и ещё переманили туда всех моих золотых мастеров. Это был кошмар какой-то. Никогда так не переживала за что -либо ??

    19 day ago

    i know im smiling in the pic but i was actually dying because tayler is a lot heavier than he looks ?

    22 day ago

    Which character(s) did you (or do you) crush on? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Manga cap is from chapter 5 for those wondering ?

    3 day ago

    working on the gains this winter ❄️  @blessedprotein will help me with thatttt! protein is a MUST for building! use my code KATYA10 to save 10% off your order at checkout - www.ehplabs.com - leggings are  @workouts_by_katya and they’re coming soon ? for now, check out the other colors that ARE available ✨

    20 day ago

    Off to the gym...after I put a top on. Yes I haven’t made my bed yet...about to  #dontjudgemechallenge or do  #idgaf  #fitness  #allblackoutfit  #leggings  #gapfit  #vssport

    24 day ago

    I remember watching you as a kid, scoring some amazing goals over the years. To be able to say I have played alongside you is a dream come true. Just want to say congratulations on a fantastic  @england career!!!!  #legend #10

    13 day ago

    Sheikh Khalifa car collection is amazing ??????  @ksn_11

    27 day ago

    I couldn’t pick one ? Which one do you like better? Black or white? SWIPE!!!

    4 day ago

    Γιάννη γερά και χρόνια σου πολλά!!! Αφήστε τις ευχές σας για τον Greek Freak με ένα σχόλιο

    26 day ago

    First look of TERE TE ft.  @ikkamusic  @officialveemusic  @abhijitvaghani Is all set to release in few days. @tseries.official  @directorgifty ?? Stay Tuned ❤️

    20 day ago

    Hi this is my new dog walking outfit ?✨ ????? • [Image description: Megan is wearing a rainbow sequin jumpsuit with pink shoes and standing on a marble staircase with one hand on her hip]

    18 day ago

    سفر ها رفتم و اما ، دلم راضی نشد هرگز  #siavashghomayshi  #avareh  #sargozasht_album  @reza_meer  @caltexmusic  #آواره

    13 day ago

    the many moods  @ohpolly