Riley Morrison asked, @stephencurry30 answered! 🙌 Swipe left to read both letters 📝

Riley Morrison asked,  @stephencurry30 answered! 🙌 Swipe left to read both letters 📝

13 day ago

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    • @sebastian_ramones12 day ago

      I respect Curry more now 🙌🙌

    • @ratedrsince8712 day ago

      sooooo awesome!

    • @_curtisnewell_12 day ago

      @marcfranquesa24 you had to zoom in to read it ??

    • @nawcoste12 day ago

      Waaa ça like du stephen curry frr  @pabloattal

    • @ludachr1zz12 day ago

      Curry writes like a 6 year old lol couldn’t tell which letter was his lol

    • @just_a_lilbit12 day ago

      @iiicandiii  @maya.7210

    • @vromethazane12 day ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂"we will be sending you a 12 inch dildo to measure your new curry 5s in a size 18  #fuckupthegame

    • @vromethazane12 day ago

      @jesssicajoy_ shes my cousin you work with my aunt?

    • @jaaronkng12 day ago

      @vromethazane is Jessica even a real person. 2 people tagged her and yet no page? Lmao

    • @vromethazane12 day ago

      @jaaronkng yes we got to meet stephen curry yesterday when he sent us shoes i was so happy

    • @rjcurreri1812 day ago

      Wish I could dislike a post

    • @kourafas12 day ago

      This that serious lol girls section n boys if not there buy another or a great publicity stunt for his dying shoes

    • @freshscents8412 day ago

      The People's Champ‼️

    • @toby8wong12 day ago

      @stephencurry30 outstanding

    • @hmzh_33312 day ago

      Yooo I wish that was me bro

    • @pabloattal12 day ago

      @nawcoste vasy les cainris trop chaud woulah avec leur reponse manuscrite tout ça! il m’a eu l’enflure

    • @akawifi12 day ago

      Handwriting nice

    • @evanodelll12 day ago

      Some smart parents

    • @th3fresh_prince12 day ago


    • @dangg.connor12 day ago

      so we’re all just gonna act like it wasn’t the parents’ ideas for her to write this? just sayin she’s 9

    • @avisoles12 day ago

      Always bigger than basketball. Salute

    • @kitano198412 day ago

      Why is Curry printing in all CAPS?

    • @petermadani_12 day ago

      @monpet  @jacqui_eve  @joetchandon  @jayjayveevee

    • @ronsantos_1412 day ago

      remember when you say you hate curry

    • @dew2kpelicans1911 day ago

      Welp I'm a curry fan now didn't hate him before was neutral

    • @freed_sy11 day ago


    • @mr_bubblegutz11 day ago

      People's Champ

    • @yaniv311 day ago

      @avigaon תקשיב הוא אדיר!!!

    • @bay_kicks_ny11 day ago

      So dope, Steph a real one ‼️‼️

    • @solematenorth11 day ago

      Great to show the children their concerns count. 🙌🏿

    • @risendragonborn11 day ago

      Stephen Curry you are a class act.

    • @avigaon11 day ago

      @yaniv3 הבנאדם הכי טוב בnba

    • @rford3111 day ago

      @elisamarzocchella cow

    • @ltshoediva11 day ago

      @say_sumn_strick Girl Power 👏👏👏! KK going to get some new shoes from her Uncle.

    • @jacky_w_k_guo11 day ago


    • @6ixsha8 day ago

      Steph gets the dub, but he’s gonna get a lot of bandwagon fans, letters now

    • @iiicandiii6 day ago

      @just_a_lilbit I’m just now reading this! That’s awesome! Ima write a letter 😂

    • @dweezy7135 day ago


    • @anisey_j2 day ago


    • @__d1__2 day ago

      Class act.

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