Чуть-чуть залипли. 
Спасибо пацанам, что снялись в ролике. Кстати сегодня у них выходит в прокат комедия «Всё или Ничего» @vseilinichegofilm #всеилиничего #кино #комедия #с29ноября #вкино

Чуть-чуть залипли. Спасибо пацанам, что снялись в ролике. Кстати сегодня у них выходит в прокат комедия «Всё или Ничего»  @vseilinichegofilm  #всеилиничего  #кино  #комедия  #с29ноябя  #вкино

Moscow, Russia14 day ago

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    21 day ago

    comiendo pavo y batata ?  @residente

    11 day ago

    Happy National Day عاش اتحاد إماراتنا  #uaenationalday ?:@abdulaziz_photos

    6 day ago

    Doctor says- "Trevor you're recovering well, just make sure to stay silent and indoors all weekend" What I hear- "Trevor you get to play FIFA 19 non stop and no-one can judge you"  #silverlining  #FutWeekend #fut  #fifa19

    3 day ago

    7 day ago

    @robertsandberg left DC to go to LA and I’m leaving DC to go to Austin and my separation anxiety is NOT HANDLING THIS WELL I MISS MY HANDSOME VIKING ?♥️  #codependentasfuck  #comeback  #turnyourlocationservicesonsoiknowitsreal  #callmeevery20minutes  #imfuckingcrazy

    5 day ago

    Bye ibu.. Aafiyah nak pi jalan jalan dengan ayah... Selalu aafiyah kena tinggal, harini ibu pulak ye???

    2 day ago

    Caption that ?

    2 day ago

    Hey everyone,  @espn put out a list of the most dominant athletes of 2018 and your boy is #3. It is an honor to be mentioned with these other amazing athletes. I could not have ever imagined a year like this. Now all I need is that nice shiny ESPY for fighter of the year and I’m set. 3 title fights, 3 finishes, 39 years old ... what a year. I guess turning 40 isn’t a death sentence in sport anymore. Thank you all for your support this year and throughout my entire career. It means more to me than you know . We did this together. DC

    15 day ago

    I am 72 years old.. that’s what the potion does.. it stops the aging process dead in its tracks.. and forces it into retreat. Happy birthday to me.. thanks  @magnoliaisme

    24 day ago

    Dinda itu nyebelin tapi ngangenin. Eh, dinda kan udah pergi ke alamnya. Trus “dia” siapa....? ?

    8 day ago

    TODAY IS DAY 5 OF MY 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! ??❄️????? The big items today are the Louis Vuitton scarf and Apple Watch!? I will be giving away a huge prize EVERY DAY for the next 12 days here on IG! HOW TO ENTER: Comment on this photo & tag 2 friends! & you must be a follower/supporter of mine please! THATS IT!? A new winner will be picked every 24 hours & your prizes will be shipped out the next day!? You can only enter once a day. ?????????

    20 day ago

    J-1, on se prépare pour cette demi-finale de dingue ?? On espère que ça vous plaira ! On donnera tout ❤️  #dals  #dwts  #merci

    14 day ago

    27 day ago

    Lil, by my side always. ? I know my timing’s off cause I’m down under (??) but I want to wish this actual angel the happiest birthday ❤️  @lilyaldridge ❤️ finding a friend like you my first year in New York was truly a blessing. Forever kind, warm, and elegant, you are a remarkable beauty inside and out, and I can’t thank you enough for the way you have embraced and taken care of me since day one. (last pic was one of our first together, 2014?!) I love you sooooo mucho and wish you the happiest of years ! hopefully one filled w extra trips to Disneyland !!!!!! ❤️

    12 day ago

    i love birthdays ?

    7 day ago

    It's that time of year again. And those weren't wrong notes you heard, it's called um... jazz.... Yeah. "Jazz." This is an arrangement by Vince Guaraldi, the legend himself.