Happy Independence Day 🤗🇦🇱

Happy Independence Day 🤗🇦🇱

15 day ago

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      @ariannaa_yr 😂 follow for follow?

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      @ariannaa_yr mrš

    • @jecacosic7 day ago

      @xhuliano23 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • @jecacosic7 day ago

      @xhoanakreku.11 Oh dear! Learn history. Poyy

    • @xhoanakreku.117 day ago

      @jecacosic which history?🙄 Yours... 😂😂😂😂 It's so funny... I don't have time to this bullshit... I know perfectly the history... The only and real one. Albania=Ancient Illyrians 🇦🇱 You can not deny it even you would love to honey 😉🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

    • @jecacosic6 day ago

      @xhoanakreku.11 My history? Oh dear that’s too private for conversations on here 🤗 When you want to talk about something, you should focus more on world history than your country’s perspective Trust me your knowledge about history is very low, and anyone who knows a bit of history can see that from your comments Soo young and soo dumb.. opps meant uneducated 🤭 Have a nice day! Ćao lepotice 😘

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    • @aurelahni5 day ago

      @anastasiasoare omg please come to albania

    • @ioannakidim244 day ago

      @anastasiasoare are you Albanian ?

    • @ioannakidim244 day ago

      @crystals.blog lol

    • @ioannakidim244 day ago

      @atelieralexandar the only think they know to do , is stealing

    • @meggan_riska4 day ago

      Ayyyeee shiqptare 4 life❤️

    • @arienmusic4 day ago


    • @bl0cked1003 day ago

      @atelieralexandar shut up serbitches 😂

    • @__alishay__3 day ago


    • @eleni.armeniakou2 day ago

      @g.entro How you dare to talk about Greece and Greece's economics when you are from Kosovo?? Seriously how you dare?? I'm really upset rn! Just shut up!

    • @eleni.armeniakou2 day ago

      @iwkebszsis They ar

    • @eleni.armeniakou2 day ago

      @iwkebszsis They are albanians and they dare to talk about Greece.. I'm really upset! Albanians they are also terrorist and the only thing they know to do perfect is to steal. The worst country seriously, albania and Turkey, nobody want them and that's why they have good relationships albania and Turkey!! And they think they are something, they think they are the best... They are bad people with 0 education, they have no idea about economics. Ok in Greece our economics are bad years now but not as bad as in Albania, for sure!! We are europinians they are absolutly NOTHING every one hate them and don't want them and that's never gonna change cause they are all the same bad people

    • @eleni.armeniakou2 day ago

      And don't forget Konstantino Katsifa!! They killed him! They killed a Greek guy in North Epirus

    • @iwkebszsis2 day ago

      @eleni.armeniakou You're so right! These people for sure are the most uneducated people in Europe. Haven't met a single intelligent Albanian in my life. But who cares about them? As you said, nobody likes them, let's just ignore them, just like the rest of the world does. Btw, you're gorgeous!

    • @eleni.armeniakou2 day ago

      @iwkebszsis exactly! Aww thank you! Follow me i'll follow you back x

    • @aestheticallypleasingphotos_2 day ago

      sa bukur mario...

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    • @martinabala_sw2 day ago

      Da fuck esht shqiptar  @ivakolagji si te vijne ca ghera ne jete as nuk e pret fare

    • @g.entro2 day ago

      @iwkebszsis You haven’t met a single intelligent Albanian in your entire life, that’s why you spend your time in IG pages of successful and famous Albanians. Ec baje bothen aziatik i leshit. 🙌

    • @g.entro2 day ago

      @eleni.armeniakou About you being Europian ahha. Your name tells it Armenian . xD

    • @g.entro2 day ago

      @ljuljadedivanovic ohh 🇦🇱🇽🇰 Gzuar

    • @eleni.armeniakou2 day ago

      @g.entro my last name it's from Corfu you idiot, i'm Greek!

    • @leonie.191 day ago

      @alina_3609 shqiptare!!!!❤️❤️❤️

    • @alina_36091 day ago

      @leonie.19 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

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    • @jecacosic3 hour ago

      @themaingashi AHAHAHAHA, zelja bi ti bila mmm! Drzi se gej populacije. Pozdrav.

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    17 day ago

    Последняя мойка GT-R в этом году прошла успешно?? Пора наверно ставить на зимовку или может на тюнинг stage 3 ?? #gtr

    9 day ago

    my sweet furbaby needs all of your love sent his way. he’s fighting a serious infection and so far is doing okay, but it’s a monster. Send him your positivity and prayers. ❤️

    22 day ago

    I swear I love my team....HartBeat Productions is alot more than just a production company....we are a team people...we are a family. I'm so lucky to have all of you by my side.  #HartBeatProductions

    7 day ago

    @robertsandberg left DC to go to LA and I’m leaving DC to go to Austin and my separation anxiety is NOT HANDLING THIS WELL I MISS MY HANDSOME VIKING ?♥️  #codependentasfuck  #comeback  #turnyourlocationservicesonsoiknowitsreal  #callmeevery20minutes  #imfuckingcrazy

    18 day ago

    ? TORREIRA, WOAH ? Another game, another man of the match award ?  #Torreira #AFC #EPL #BPL  #Arsenal  #premierLeague

    27 day ago

    Tirando os 10 anos mais velho, eu ia querer abrir todas!!! ???

    15 day ago

    Günaydııııınnn ?  #günaydın  #maşallah Annesi ölür yoluna ölüüüürrrr kızımmmm O dilini yerim yer ?  #durukız  #tokanakurban

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    7 day ago

    6 million hours of Bhabie ? Thx for a great 2018 biches  @spotify

    14 day ago

    That’s a shot, ladies. ? via  @lauraprepon.  #oitnb #tbt

    1 day ago


    3 day ago

    Proud to have such cool fans like Eren 〽⚽❤ Thanks for stopping by on Saturday ???  #YaGunnersYa  #M1Ö  #EmiratesStadium  #TeamÖzil

    19 day ago

    Y’all SLAYED that merch first day! Entire line sold out! WOW! THANK YOU!!  @jamescoffeeco have already begun restocking items so if you missed out on a few- those will go out December 10th! To everyone asking about the collectors box- it was a limited qty 1 run only- HOWEVER, we plan to make more exclusive boxes and prints! So stoked you loved the new goods! ENJOY! Oh, and tag me when you’re rockin’ the new threads ??☠️☕️

    22 day ago

    Send prayers and healing light. My Dads in the hospital in ICU. You never know when you can loose your parents. Tell them you love them everyday ❤️??

    10 day ago

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