Tag your artist #inkedmag #tattoo #tattooartist

Tag your artist  #inkedmag  #tattoo  #tattooartist

18 day ago

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    4 day ago

    I’m not sure who’s face is creepier in this picture...mine or my puppets? Thank you guys for watching last night! ?

    12 day ago

    my sweet furbaby needs all of your love sent his way. he’s fighting a serious infection and so far is doing okay, but it’s a monster. Send him your positivity and prayers. ❤️

    7 day ago

    Persija berhasil merengkuh gelar juara Liga 1 2018 setelah di laga terakhir mengalahkan Mitra Kukar dengan skor 2-1. Selamat, Macan Kemayoran!  #PSSINow  #KitaGaruda

    9 day ago

    So happy to be on  @theellenshow and share vegan jelly donuts with the audience. Happy Hanukkah to all those celebrating!

    7 day ago

     #битвалуков Долгожданная битва красных луков! Какой образ станет победителем на этой неделе: 1,2,3 или 4? Голосуем!

    29 day ago

    bambi by pixie

    4 day ago

    Splash ?  @zakarywalters

    1 day ago

    Day 2 of our 12 days of giveaways!! To enter you need to be following pornhub and tag two friends you’d let borrow your premium password!  #phworthy

    18 day ago

    De regreso en el  @auditoriomx! Concierto 252.  #GiraMéxicoPorSiempre

    9 day ago

    When it’s cold and rainy outside I like to go to the movies ???  #astarisborn

    14 day ago

    XO ❤️ . ?-  @lakshaydarganphotography ?-  @makeupbysalonihinduja

    12 day ago

    Tag yourself.  #SpeedGoals

    14 day ago

    In the Lemarié ateliers before the  #CHANELMetiersdArt show — feathers and floral adornments offer an infinite range of potential textures and patterns, requiring ingenuity and technical flair.  #CHANEL  #MaisonLemarie  #CHANELinNYC

    28 day ago

     #Repost  @jimlee ・・・ Stan Lee gave so much to so many, but to me, a shy, awkward kid—growing up as an immigrant in a strange, new world—Stan Lee gave me the greatest gift of all. He gave me a place to escape into—an endless, imaginative playground filled with the most amazing, fantastic and uncanny heroes ever. And through these characters, Stan Lee gave me my childhood and showed me the value of being different. To embrace heroism and to shun prejudice. That it was cool to want to be the good guy and that there was a price for not standing up for the downtrodden, the oppressed, the little guy. And in these life lessons—whether learned on the streets of Brooklyn or in the antimatter depths of the Negative Zone—he taught me the true measure of a person was not defined by their powers but by the strength of their virtues and their commitment to truth, justice and tolerance. Even til recently, Stan was still out on the comic con circuit, tirelessly showing all of us how it’s done. Most importantly, he reminded us that the most epic stories can be told with the simplest of tools and that our dreams and ideas are the keys to creating a better future. “Face front, True Believers!” was one of Stan Lee’s classic proclamations. In today’s times, we could all heed the optimism and faith his words inspire.  #RIPStanLee  #facefronttruebelievers  #truebelievers  #stanthemanlee  #stanlee

    1 day ago