If your club could only sign one…

Who you got? 🤔

If your club could only sign one… Who you got? 🤔

14 day ago

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    • @soccerstagg13 day ago

      MUFC: De Ligt

    • @saull290013 day ago

      De ligt>>>

    • @jacob.neptune13 day ago

      my club already has both

    • @anthony_sotos13 day ago

      @ben.martinelli dream team

    • @ben.brouwer13 day ago

      @huzaifakaykay_ um nope frenkie is going to city and we might even steal de ligt too. We have the money and everyone wants to play for us 🔵 ⚪️ 🔵⚪️

    • @timmyjarjoura13 day ago

      De ligt

    • @the_real_ifty13 day ago

      well undoubtedly man united need someone like de Light

    • @chris_j_ice13 day ago


    • @yaavenn13 day ago

      Neither wtf we already have them here !!

    • @koenkastelein13 day ago

      Both are garbage

    • @benji_niss13 day ago

      Leave both sign mathias bolly

    • @ndvaak13 day ago

      @im_vidit.singh Arthur no where near De Jong

    • @mwinyimesut_lfc13 day ago

      De Ligt

    • @doddyoba12 day ago

      Surely Mathijs De Ligt. I always sign him on FM18 😄

    • @huzaifakaykay_12 day ago

      @ben.brouwer If Barça shows some more Interest.. they Would Come here.. as It's the Biggest Club🔵🔴

    • @abdalrhman_7412 day ago

      De jong

    • @wahyuaji_12 day ago

      De Ligt 😎😎

    • @joeyvd912 day ago

      De Ligt🔥

    • @markardesch12 day ago

      @bartolobarcelo 200mil and they are yours

    • @bartolobarcelo12 day ago

      @markardesch 170 and its a deal

    • @m_o_h_a_m_e_d_x1712 day ago

      De ligt❤️

    • @keyvanmb12 day ago

      de Light

    • @kayzo1k12 day ago

      De ligt

    • @ben.brouwer12 day ago

      @huzaifakaykay_ Manchester city is the richest club in the world and the one with one of the most expensive squads ever created. We have one of the greatest manager that has ever lived, and Manchester City ALSO has the edge to win over you and Juve for champo

    • @huzaifakaykay_12 day ago

      @ben.brouwer lol! Richest Club In the World??? Most Expensive squad? You should start Reading some Reliable Football Articles rather than believing everything you see on Internet.. Barcelona is the most Richest Club right now. And Barça has The Most Valuable Squad In the World.. And in the Champion Leagues,We can Clearly see how Man city Is doing rn... And we'll see who'll win CL.. 🔵🔴

    • @egguero12 day ago

      City needs to replace Fernandinho so of course de jong

    • @_i_m_soumik12 day ago

      De Light

    • @ben.brouwer12 day ago

      @huzaifakaykay_ we have the most money ever. Do you actually think Barca have more money then us?

    • @ben.brouwer12 day ago

      @huzaifakaykay_ we beat you guys in champo 2 years ago

    • @ben.brouwer12 day ago

      Manchester City have the 2nd best manager ever too so

    • @huzaifakaykay_12 day ago

      @ben.brouwer lol!! We still won that Group... Back to Cave Kid. And Barça has the most Valuable Squad..

    • @ben.brouwer12 day ago

      @huzaifakaykay_ yea I gave you squad but we have the richest industry ever

    • @huzaifakaykay_12 day ago

      @ben.brouwer Industry???? The Club is Owned By an Arabic. And Barça's Revenue is way more Than City's... Know Your Facts before Come at me lil goof

    • @ben.brouwer12 day ago

      @huzaifakaykay_ how about you learn how to speak English first

    • @ben.brouwer12 day ago

      And then you can TRY and roast me

    • @huzaifakaykay_12 day ago

      @ben.brouwer How about You learn Some Basic Knowledge of Football first. English is not Even my First Language..

    • @jeffrey_javier_2411 day ago

      De Jong for Manchester City 🤲

    • @wietze20037 day ago

      Both cause I'm an Ajax fan😉

    • @fatlumhalilii7 day ago

      De Ligt

    • @jd__gooch15 hour ago

      As a Southampton fan I know both are really unrealistic signings but watching our defending id happily take de ligt!

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