If all else fails, Strike A Pose!💃
Ppl will stare...make it worth their while! 💁😂😝👸
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If all else fails, Strike A Pose!💃 Ppl will stare...make it worth their while! 💁😂😝👸 💠 💠 💠 💠 💠 💠  #paris  #europe  #trip  #travelphoto  #instaphoto  #travelgram  #beautiful  #photo  #travel  #travelphotography  #explore  #wanderlust  #photooftheday  #follow  #followforfollow  #likeforlike  #picoftheday  #photography  #followforfollowback  #style  #ootd  #fashion  #look  #fitness  #instatravel  #slay #me  #traveler  #girl

Paris, France22 day ago

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    13 day ago

    Are u following our Christmas calendar on story??  #MMDecember

    14 day ago

    All new 911 Carrera S models have the new LED taillight strip and the three-dimensional taillights. Also new: the redesigned shape and position of the third brake light.  #NewPorsche911  #TimelessMachine _______ Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: 911 Carrera S models: 9.0 - 8.9 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 206–205 g/km

    5 day ago

    Только добрался до инстаграма. Прошли 2 безумных дня в Питере.  #зановоодиться и  #веьвстихи !!! Спасибо большое городу на Неве и клубу  @a2spb за гостеприимство и сумасшедшую энергию и очищение !!!! ??? Спасибо большое всей команде  #зановоодиться - как всегда это было по-другому, как всегда было очень круто, масса воспоминаний, которые всегда будут с нами !!! Фото сделано сразу после спектакля. Автор Михаил Иванов  @withoutfacespb

    8 day ago

    Here’s to the dads pulling the night shift. The ones sitting in a rocking chair, right now, reading this on their phones (& here’s to the dads who’ve dropped their phone on their baby. We’ve all been there too). Here’s to the dads who work away from home all day, & the ones who stay home all day; the ones mopping the kitchen floor & sorting laundry. Here’s to the dads rough housing with their daughters & telling their sons it’s ok to cry.  Here’s to the dads telling themselves it’s ok to cry. Here’s to the dads lifting weights (if only in the form of grocery bags) & to the ones pulling their own weight. Here’s to the dads who lie awake at night wondering how they’ll get their family to the end of the month before they get to the end of the money. Here’s to the dads who lie awake wondering how you raise children when you still feel like a child. Here’s to the dads providing for their family by caring for their family; to the dads using their sick hours to care for their sick wife. Here’s to the dads climbing trees & corporate ladders; the ones teaching their children how to swing dance, & how to swing bats - sometimes at baseballs & softballs, most times at the glass-ceiling. Here’s to the dads who know how much strength it takes to admit you made a mistake; how courageous it is to apologize. Here’s to the dads who are single dads, the ones who are co-parenting, the ones who are married, the ones who have partners. Here’s to the dads who are fathering without their own father. And here’s to the dads who are fathering with no child here to father. Here’s to the dads who have messed up & missed out. The ones who let fear lead them for too long; pride take them too far away. Here’s to those dads, the ones hurting, the ones who have hurt. Here’s to the dads who have come back. Here’s to the dads teaching their sons to be tough enough to stand up to injustice; strong enough to acknowledge their emotions. Here’s to the dads teaching their daughters to be tough enough to stand up to photoshopped beauty standards; strong enough to value their softness. • Here’s to the dads that know that the greatest way to man up, is to show up. • Tag a man who shows up.  #ManEnough

    14 day ago

    As palavras certas colocadas em um bom momento é como um tiro que define a guerra! Seu silêncio é primordial guerreiro✌?

    2 day ago

    9 day ago

    I had a great birthday at  @bucadibeppo  #bucabirthday ?

    13 day ago

    Lord, thank you for giving and blessing me with this special day. I will forever praise You. I pray that You continue to give me many more days like today. Styled by  @afuarida Hair  @ninamischka ?  @chocolate_shot_it PersonalShopper  @besazboutique MUA  @divinecaseygh

    11 day ago


    1 month ago

    こんな可愛いママ最高だねぇ のヨンアちゃんにひさびさに 会えた♡  #repost  @youn1029 可愛い可愛いゆきなちゃんに久しぶりに会えたよ❤︎嬉しい?‍♀️  #fnoosaka  #阪うめだ本店  #fashionnightout  #voge

    23 day ago

    Working hard!? When people ask me “what do you do when your not working”..... this is the answer!!? Indoor Skydivinggggg! ?SWIPE FOR A VIDEO?

    19 day ago

    Some might say "SJ! Why would you take 5th ave today, no less the evening of the tree lighting???" I'd say "I've seen and survived worse traffic and I got to see that beautiful tree with Bronx roots as it stood proud, glorious and patient for all the ooohs and ahhhs when it dazzled with lights. " X, SJ

    27 day ago

    this how ya girl be breaking her neck & side eye’ing when you be on ya phone.. [shot by  @evanpierce]  #DUBAI

    17 day ago

    thank you  @rocksound. check out our cover to celebrate winning album of the year. awards.rocksound.tv

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    14 day ago

    Models vs Me ??‍♂️ (den hoodie gibt es im lochi-shop.de ?) . Foto:  @lucassemm