Замёрзшие в Уфе!) Следущая остановка Питер. Подарю лично 5 билетов на наш сольник 1 декабря. Пишите в комменты #хочунаконцертвпитере. 
Выберу рандомно 5 человек и лично подарю билеты на свой концерт. #майамивпитере 🙋🏼‍♂️ @chemodan_moskva 🔥

Замёрзшие в Уфе!) Следущая остановка Питер. Подарю лично 5 билетов на наш сольник 1 декабря. Пишите в комменты  #хочунаконцетвпитере. Выберу рандомно 5 человек и лично подарю билеты на свой концерт.  #майамивпитее 🙋🏼‍♂️  @chemodan_moskva 🔥

Шереметьево Терминал B23 day ago

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    29 day ago

    This girl makes me the happiest boy in the universe. I’m so happy we’re a couple again. We’ve had our stumbles but it’s only made us stronger. Thank you god for bringing her back into my life ❤️??

    3 day ago

    Пзцд, я плачущий пёс в голубом берете??‍♂️ А вы кто??

    14 day ago

    Should I post more selfies? ☺️

    29 day ago

    من تونس الخضرا ♥️  #كندة_حنا

    7 day ago

    and here we see a wild gabbie in her natural habitat inside a turtleneck ? - this cup is reminding me that my wallet was stolen with an unused starbucks gift and and you know what i hope they like lattes. apparently my identity was stolen a full day before my wallet was though, it’s actually a really interesting story. i’m posting the vlog about it tonight (sub to my vlog channel! ) but i might make it a full story time video bc it got really weird... what do you guys think? should i?

    16 day ago

    So excited to be on the cover of  @justurbane Mag - Dec issue! Check it out ? . . Publisher:  @theabhikulkarni Photography:  @sameerbelvalkar Art Direction:  @jatinjoshii Words:  @sudhakar14 Styling:  @nakhrevakhre Makeup:  @tomasmoucka Hair:  @jeetihairtstylist Ensemble:  @rockystarofficial _______________________________________________  #justurbane  #covergirl  #sunnyleone  #december

    25 day ago

    Fall is your color.

    15 day ago

    On  #worldaidsday let’s remember how important leadership is. President Ronald Reagan, his VP George HW Bush, and then Bush subsequently as president using fear & religious morals as a compass to govern presided over the largest loss of American life that wasn’t a war or small pox. They both in 7 years didn’t even MENTION the virus & actively directed funds away from research and medications. Reagan & Bush were leaders but in no way were they hero’s. They have the blood of thousands of Americans on their hands because of their homophobia and inaction. As our current president has no plan against HIV/AIDS even though we have states here in the US that have new infection rates that rival developing African nations, along with a huge surge in new infections in Russia and Eastern Europe due to the policies of Vladimir Putin and discrimination in these areas as stigma continues to kill people unnecessarily. With knowledge is power, use your power.  #neverforget

    11 day ago

    Rare photos of the boy by  @donthypeme

    25 day ago

    Meslek hayatım boyunca pek çok gerçek dışı ithamla karşı karşıya kaldım. Bu, en iğrenciydi. Ben hiç kimseye ‘Şerefsiz!’ demedim, insanlar birbirine bu kadar ağır bi hakareti nasıl der onu da bilmezdim, artık biliyorum. Benimle ilgili bu iftirayı çıkartan, iftiraya iftira ekleyen, köpürten herkes şerefsiztir. Bügüne kadar susmanın nedeni gazetemin açıklamayı kendisinin yapmak istemesi. Açıklama bugün birinci sayfadan duyuruldu ve yapıldı. Ben açık bi kadınım, her konuda şeffaf oldum, 26 yıldır Hürriyet’te çalışıyorum. İşimi de hep tutkuyla yaptım. Herhangi bi röportajdan para aldığımı, para istediğimi söyleyecek bir baba yiğit varsa, gelsin karşıma, yüzüne söylesin. Ya da çıksın medyaya söylesin, ‘Evet para verdim!’ desin. Bu yapılan en aşağılık şey, isim vermeden muallak bi şekilde para alış verişinin olduğunun söylenmesi. O zaman açıkla! Söyleyeni getir karşıma! Düşmanlığın, kıskançlığın, alt oymanın bu kadarı fazla. Bir de gazetem bana iyi bi maaş ödüyor, niye böyle bi şeye ihtiyaç duyayım? Benim menejerim filan da yok, ben şarkıcı mıyım? Neresinden tutarsa tut, elinde kalan bi iftira. Benim alnım açık. Gizli saklı bi şeyim yok, Evet, projeler yapılmıştır ama her şey Hürriyet’in bilgisi dahilinde gerçekleşmiştir, Hürriyet’in işidir...

    12 hour ago

    The new Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC is powered by a 2-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with 225 kW (306 horsepower) of performance that will accelerate you from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. The AMG Performance 4MATIC drive combines the best possible traction with the best possible driving experience. [Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC | Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 7.4-7.3 l/100km | CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 169-167 g/km | http://mb4.me/RechtlicherHinweis]  #Mercedes  #MercedesAMG  #Performance  #Lifestyle  #Luxury  #AClass  #Hatchback #Car  #Cars  #InstaCar  #CarsofInstagram  #Design  #0to60  #Acceleration  #Speed  #Driving  #Experience

    7 day ago

    1st player in @nfl history with 3 go-ahead receiving TDs in the 4th QTR/OT of the same game? ? THAT’S AMARI...

    3 day ago

    Massive thank you to  @johnthecho for kindly moderating the Q&A session after the special screening of The Party’s Just Beginning.  #selfiereunion

    22 day ago

    Q. El silencio del pantano. Dirigida por Marc Vigil. (Sesión de fotos con  @samanthalopezs ) ??

    29 day ago

     #Repost  @thatkevinsmith ・ This is how I’ll always see you,  @therealstanlee: as our benevolent leader and king, smiling down from your eternal throne on the generations of imaginations you fed and inspired. You were the first creator whose voice I knew before I’d ever actually heard it. You dreamed up some of my favorite modern myths and created characters that instilled in me a moral barometer, teaching me right from wrong and showing me it’s always better to be a hero instead of a villain. Your characters represented us: yes, they had extraordinary, unbelievable abilities, but they were also reflections of a world we knew, where a Spider-Man is really just a boy who wants to help. You showed me how to interact with the audience whenever you stepped onto Stan’s Soapbox to reach out to the readers. You showed me how to advocate for my field beyond the actual art itself whenever you tub thumped for comic books outside of the medium. It was never enough for you to simply make a comic because you were a true salesman at heart. So you not only sold comics, you sold me *on* comics - so much so that I built a life and career around your dreams and ideals. When you did Mallrats with us, you not only made a lifelong fan’s dream come true, you also lent me comic book credibility that I still get to spend today. And whether it was for  @comicbookmenamc or  @yogahosers, whenever I asked to borrow your heat again, you were always there for me with a smile. Your love story with Joanie and your long, happy marriage always shined as an example of what I wanted for my personal life. I long admired (and emulated) your kindness and patience and sense of humor when dealing with your public. Outside of my parents, you were the one adult who gave me the most useful life skills I still use today. Thank you, Stan, for making me not only the boy I was but also the man I am today. You had great power and you always used it responsibly, fostering billions of dreamers who all know your name - a name written in the stars for all time. You were not just the literary titan of comic books, you were our modern day Mark Twain. I will miss you all my days, my friend and hero. Excelsior forevermore.

    1 day ago

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