My world revolves around my goddaughter @samiaslife ❤️🌍

My world revolves around my goddaughter  @samiaslife ❤️🌍

Atlanta, Georgia17 day ago

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    3 day ago

    Wow! Had an unforgettable night in Amsterdam??Thank you everyone for your incredible energy!

    3 day ago

    Tag someone whose emotional state can best be described as: Troy Bolton trying to decide between ? and ?

    20 day ago

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    28 day ago

    Liya’nın o minicik ayaklarında bu çorapları görmek pek bi hoşuma gidiyor :)☺️☺️ Ben de seni çok seviyorum canım kızım❤️ Daddy loves you too❤️

    8 day ago

    Job well done,on to the next! Complimenti ai ragazzi, Forza Milan!  #MilanParma

    7 day ago

    Rocket juice

    1 day ago

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    5 day ago

    clara + the nutcracker ?? new video went live on  #nikiandgabi yesterday where we did the ugly location photo challenge for christmas cards ?☃️☕️? let me know where you think this was taken??

    25 day ago

    Take a sip of holiday cheer, as you begin the holidays here!  #HolidaysBeginHere  #DisneylandResort

    27 day ago

    Ben izledim ? 4 Ocak’ta çok iyi bir film izleyeceksiniz..  #organizeişler2 ❤️??

    12 day ago

    Through the hard times & the fun times, the ups and the downs of our weird and crazy career, the tears of sadness & the tears of laughter and sharing all the Christmas joy year on year, this girl is solid! ? Love you so much TB xxx (tag your solid - that sounds weird haha)

    17 day ago

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    12 day ago

    De regreso en el  @auditoriomx! Concierto 252.  #GiraMéxicoPorSiempre

    5 day ago

    Gift yourself ✨ Or tag someone to drop the hint ?  #GiftMeGUESS . . (?:  @_____lou__)

    10 day ago

    6 day ago

    U asked to see the boss so they sent me ?