some real ass ppl right here ❤️💯

some real ass ppl right here ❤️💯

24 day ago

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    9 day ago

    ¿Quién más es de  #TeamGuzmán hasta el final? . . Who else is  #TeamGuzmán til the end?

    29 day ago

    REAL TALK. I am REALLY trying to understand the people who get offended by my comics. I actually think it’s a TRIUMPH for us to be able to openly share our vulnerabilities and LAUGH at it. . YES, I TOO deal with getting bloated, cravings, stubborn lower belly fat and all the things most girls deal with on the daily! So...why is it that when I share my stories, all of a sudden I’m this terrible “anti body positive” person who people are soooooo “disappointed” in? . Like, does sharing the truth - the fact that I have a food baby at 8:30 pm every night make me anti body positive? Does sharing the truth - the fact that I get bloated after I have a sugary carb like a donut make me anti body positive? Does sharing the truth - saying that I pull my pants up when I sit down make me anti body positive? . No. Nope. Not at all. Open your mind because you’ll find that it’s VERY body positive. . The comics are here to help NORMALIZE our “struggles” and tell you that they’re not really struggles at all! They’re normal! . To anyone who laughed, I’m glad we get each other! . To anyone who felt triggered, I apologize and I understand. Perhaps it’s best that you step away from my page until you’re fully recovered. . And to anyone who didn’t find it funny, maybe that joke wasn’t for you. . Kay,  #rantover. But don’t worry. I’ll keep making comics. I’m not going to be a potato. ? Love you.  #blogilates

    7 day ago

    Tag sahabatmu yang asyik kalau diajak travelling ?? .  #rrahasiagadis

    28 day ago

    @lohannightclub  @mtvlohanbeachhouse ?  #selfmade

    15 day ago

    ⚽️⚽️  #FiersdetreBleus ?@gwladysduteil

    18 day ago

    Can you identify this  #WorldCup-winning coach?

    14 day ago

    do you miss me?  @prettylittlething

    28 day ago

    FULL TIME: Thailand 4-2 INDONESIA. . Bubuq Pak Edy  @edy_rahmayadi.  #luismillain  #inbimawetrust

    22 day ago

    Name the last thing you ate ?Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope everyone has a beautiful, healthy holiday with all of your loved ones ❤️ Don’t forget to Gobble till you wobble ?

    11 day ago

    #ad • Two days ago in Berlin! ? The official launch of the CUPRA Ateca in Berlin was my last stop! It has been great working with  @cupra_de's whole team and meeting all those creative people! Thanks again for letting me be a part of it! :) • •  #ToniMahfud  #CUPRAateca  #CreateThePath CUPRA Ateca 2.0 TSI Start&Stop 221 kW 4Drive DSG (300 PS) Fuel Consumption petrol/benzine: combined 7,4 l/100 km; CO2-Emissions: combined 168 g/km; CO2-Efficiency Rating: D*

    16 day ago

    Here we go again ? . ?-  @framesbyankit ?-  @geetikabehalartistry

    26 day ago

    Two Canadian powerhouses. Shawn or Justin?

    12 day ago

    Who gets your game ball from the win? Comment with the player #️⃣

    7 day ago

    Хочешь 2.000₽ на карту чтобы потратить их уже на этих выходных?? Маяр говорит хочешь? . ?Объявляю вечерний лайктайм? . ✅Ставь 7 лайков на мои фоточки (можно больше??) ✅Пиши здесь любой смайл ✅Сохраняй этот пост в закладки( жми на флажок под этим фото) ,чтобы не потерять этот пост❤️ . Стоп в любую минуту!Действуй?

    2 day ago

    Hakunaga Jema kwa Bin-adam... But yote kheri ama nene... . . My Look kwa Hisani ya Maloving... Call him Mapenzi... Wa kuitwa  @chiddimapenzi  @chiddimapenzi  @chiddimapenzi  @chiddimapenzi Mzee wa Kupooza watu... . . Location kwa hisani ya Sweethearts wangu wadogo wadogo...

    5 day ago

    Party time!  #imaceleb  #jungleismassive thank you  @tillythomaslux for my hair slides!!! ?