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    Өмір-сюрприз!!!☺️ Маған өмір сыйлаған әке-анама алғысым шексіз! Барлығы үшін Аллаға сансыз шүкір айтамын!❤️ Менің туған күніме жүрекжарды тілек жолдап жатқан бауырларыма, жақындарыма, барша оқырманыма, өнердегі аға-әпке-әріптестеріме, құрбыларыма, алыс-жақын таныстарыма зор алғыс айтамын!? Маған тілегендеріңіз өздеріңізге еселеніп қайтсын деп тілеймін! Аман болайық әрқашан!✌️

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    Who’s got a handle on love  @lovehandle ? link in story

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    Come here rude boy ?

    9 day ago

    U asked to see the boss so they sent me ?

    16 day ago

    А ты ждешь нас в своем городе? Если да - пиши в каком? ?? Ph.:  @funkbassist_official

    10 day ago

    THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST SPECIAL, MEANINGFUL THINGS IN THE WORLD. My album went platinum, Havana is now 7 times platinum, and Never Be The Same has gone two times platinum!!!!!!!!! Numbers and awards don’t drive me, but it is really special that this many people wanted to listen to my music- I used to get up at 7 am when I was 16 and write songs to other people’s instrumentals in my garage band. I carried them around for years thinking no one would hear original songs from me for 10 years LOL, but then came time to write my first album in a real studio- it was one of the most special, intoxicating, consuming experiences of my life - I poured every part of myself into it and it really feels like every song is my baby. When any of you say something about real friends or in the dark, or any of the deep cuts,and tell me what they mean to you or that you relate- it means more to me than anything else. Because to someone’s song means you like the song (and that is also insanely special) but listening to an album means you are willing to take the time to travel into their world, into their mind, and into their vulnerability. I’m lucky that songs like Havana and Never Be The Same are ones that are so personal to me that they also feel like secrets or fun parts of me that you guys sing along to, but you willing to take the time to listen to the whole album- means more to me than you know.  @Frankdukes thanks for being the most talented, driven, passionate producer ever and doing this with me and being a big brother to me, thank you to all of our incredible collaborators!!!!! And to you guys, thank you for giving me your time, for listening, for caring- I can’t wait to show you the next chapter soon- it’s already the most special thing I’ve ever worked on and I am already peeing myself (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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    Good night  #world

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    Good moments. ???

    29 day ago

    Video coming tomorrow

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    It’s the weekend. Enjoy it ☺️

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    // OMG ? ph:  @ernnacost

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     #MotoGP 2018 Review ? // Best pics of the season ? Swipe left ⬅️ to see them all! Which one is your favourite? ? Let us know in the comments! ⬇️  #Motorcycle  #Racing  #Motorsport  #Gallery

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    I posted my elk steak dinner tonight on my story and I am getting a ton of messages about where i buy elk from. Y’all- I don’t buy it. The meat we eat at home comes from bow hunting. And I’m sure that’s going to result in some people unfollowing me, and that’s ok if you fully understand it in it’s entirety. I hiked 200 miles in 16 days in Idaho on this trip. I harvested my bull (male elk) with my bow. It was a fatal shot as I make sure I am as proficient with my equipment as I can be. I value life and I know that if I want to eat meat, I’m going to go out and get it myself with my bow - I don’t care if you’re vegan. I don’t care if you only eat bananas. I don’t care how you eat. What I do care about is respect. If you do eat meat- please understand that something died to nourish your body. For some of us, it’s in our blood to go out into nature and hunt for our food. 97% of Americans eat meat yet only about 3% of us hunt. Your food is coming from somewhere whether you saw it die or not - This elk will sustain me and josh all year (on top of the turkey, deer, etc we hunt). It’s the most amazing meat I’ve ever had (peep my story) and I know it lived a life God intended. On top of meat sustaining us, we have donated tens of thousands of meals over the years to those in need. Thank you for respecting me and this aspect of my life - @hoytbowhunting  @eastonarchery  @traegergrills  @bowmarbowhunting

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     #JaPanaginipNalang Thank you  @fitandformclub for my haircolor!!