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    ?? HERBSTMEISTER! ??  #borussiadortmund  #dortmund #bvb  #bvbsvw  #werderbremen  #heimspiel  #homegame  #signalidunapark #? #⚽️

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    Как дела, котята?!? Лайк-Тайм‼️ 1. Поставь лайк под фото? 2. Напиши комментарий? 3. Лайкни фото в профиле предыдущего комментатора?  #girl  #девушка  #пляж  #мое  #пп

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    "Putting this journey into words will not be easy, but I will try. I am finally where I was born to be." In her first week in space, Astronaut Anne McClain is getting used to her new home in space with fellow new crew members Oleg Kononenko and David Saint-Jacques, who have been onboard the station since Monday. McClain and Saint-Jacques are first-time space residents. Each day, the International Space Station (@ISS) orbits our home planet as the six humans living and working aboard the orbiting outpost conduct important science and research. Their work will not only benefit life here on Earth, but will help us venture deeper into space than ever before. Credit: NASA/Anne McClain  #nasa  #space  #spacestation  #earth  #earthviews  #homeplanet  #planet  #bluemarble  #astroannimal  #annemcclain  #armyastronaut  #astronaut  #window  #view  #views  #orbit #iss  #internationalspacestation

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    Estamos grabando algo súper increíble.... ? A pensar de todo, tenemos que seguir adelante y no parar aunque tu cuerpo te lo pida...

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    Alhamdulillah, makasih unk semua do’a dan harapan yg terucap. Semoga Allah ta’ala mengabulkan semua permohonan yg kita panjatkan.. do’a yg sama untuk sahabat2 semua. Barakallah. Ma syaa Allah tabarakallah..

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    Mehr Fakten auf  @faktastisch

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     #융귱상  #장선결  #일뜨청  #굿나잇 음.... 음...zzZ

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    One week left till the  #VSFashionShow airs! Ahhhh!! Are you guys excited?? ❤️ Backstage with my babe  @myrthebolt_ ?

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    Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make our performance on  @todayshow go so smoothly! An awesome experience ... you’re all aces.  #themanthemusictheshow  #tagyourself  #youknowwhoyouare  #thankful

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    I’m giving away 5 pairs of signed  @UnderArmour football boots! All you have to do is follow me, like this post and tag in 5 friends! Good luck and stay locked for more giveaways this week.  #MEMPHI5 ??

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    That Jellyfish floating near the surface was only a few inches long but it left one of the most painful stings I’ve felt. They became a new obstacle to avoid when deep water soloing in Mallorca. This photo was created with a large dome port on a water-housing often referred to as an over/under port. We used a fisheye lens that allows you to capture a portal to two separate worlds. In this case myself &  @nathaniel.coleman switched places & he dove while I climbed. @_ryanhill_ held his breath and waited patiently for the water to be calm at the surface while shooting this photo. Pretty sure he even got stung by a jellyfish while doing so.

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    The wedding bells have chimed ?. All the details on Nick and Priyanka's traditional Hindu ceremony is at the link in bio. (?: MEGA)

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     #MomentumGeneration Documentary on HBO tonight at 10pm. ✌?