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Where I Need To Be 📸⠀ Search: "Super High Waist Denim Skinnies"⠀ Tag  @FashionNova &  #FashionNova to get like  @xojem_ and be featured on our page! ⠀ ✨www.FashionNova.com✨⠀

27 day ago

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    • @babysmarlen25 day ago

      @lebasiisabel22 santo cielos que varbaridad .. asi podriamos ser tu y yo pero nos fusta los tacos 😭😭😋😋

    • @oxsbenjaminxo25 day ago

      Body goals

    • @fearon_christine24 day ago

      @britneymal super high waist is liiiiife

    • @lianne123724 day ago

      So photoshopped the wall is curved

    • @ashly_scl23 day ago

      When are this boots coming back ? For size 6.5

    • @a_beautiful_catastrophe_23 day ago

      What color are these jeans ? Medium blue?  @fashionnova

    • @marinajordan92823 day ago

      @lujain_lou_ I feel you but I still don't know lol thank for your input tho🤷‍♀️

    • @lujain_lou_23 day ago

      @marinajordan928 NP honey❤️

    • @minnie_rick23 day ago

      @jackielee2194 lol.

    • @intimatelift23 day ago

      Thank for the purchase! 😍

    • @mzmercedesgal121 day ago

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 need this too😘😘😘

    • @xtachix319 day ago


    • @alesanz77719 day ago

      @olga.cartagena.35 mira un pantalón de ese color

    • @toppbitchh19 day ago

      @wokeraquel I want these

    • @emeru615819 day ago

      About you👏👏

    • @claudia211618 day ago

      @_.ddxo thanks doll❤️

    • @ragi.v18 day ago

      😍😍😍 que bellaa

    • @olga.cartagena.3518 day ago

      @alesanz777 😍☺😍

    • @romanklekchyan18 day ago


    • @pena_ws617 day ago


    • @modesola____17 day ago

      @fashionnova what size is she wearing?

    • @helenkillerr16 day ago


    • @mz_ohana16 day ago

      @helenkillerr thanks!!

    • @alexandracharlesosa15 day ago

      Cuanto costara todo botas bolso pantalón blusa todo

    • @linakarberg15 day ago


    • @litasteff_0110 day ago

      Those boots are not “Vicky Over The Knee Boots”! I looked them up, those have a string in the back. These do not 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @turkan89_10 day ago

      Əziz ve hörmətli xanımlar🌹 təklifimiz sizədi.işləyir siz aylıq gəliriniz qani etmir? Ve ya evdar xanımsiz ya tələbəsiz dərsdən işə zamanınız yoxdur?ancaq işə etiyacınız var buyurun cəmi 4/5saat zaman ayıraraq həm vaxta qənayet edək həmdə bucəmizə gəlir əldə edək ətraflı məlumat üçün drekdən yaza bilərsiz.

    • @zubdeialemm6 day ago


    • @zubdeialemm6 day ago


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