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29 day ago

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    4 day ago

    This was me 6 months ago...I was eating 90% really-really clean, no sugar, working out with heavy weights 3-5 times a week and running. I felt great, had tons of energy, didn’t crave sweets or sugar, I loved the endorphin mood boost from working out, my abs were starting to come out and say “hey” and I was feeling really strong!?? I was on target to hit my goal of being in the “best shape of my life” AKA “I gotta six pack” by my birthday... But then my grandma was hospitalized. Being worried about her and spending days and nights in the hospital, I was eating whatever they had from the Starbucks in the hospital lobby for most of my meals. My heart was breaking, I was emotionally & physically exhausted. I never met my birthday goal and I didn’t care. 5 months ago today, just 2 days after my birthday, my grandma relocated to heaven & I lost my momentum and desire to workout again? I just realized how many months it’s been and how much running and working out has actually helped clear my mind & get through some hard times in my life. I’d run hours after losing my dad while tears ran down my face until it turned to smiles and I’d feel my dads love shining down on me from heaven like the sunshine on my shoulders. I know my grandma would be cheering me on telling me to do one more rep, to have more fun & dance more. So I may not have the urgency of a birthday, months away, anymore but I want to feel strong, look strong, I want the stress relief & endorphin boost from working out. No more saying I don’t have time, I’m too tired...time to be determined, committed and feel look strong, feel strong. Not waiting for a New Years resolution either! Ha ha who wants to join me?!?

    13 day ago

    kerja terus sebelum pergi ke  #korea :P

    9 day ago

    Tribe Collection Launches tomorrow ??

    16 day ago

    19 лет ) прикольно так ? думал , чтобы написать такого грамотного, чтобы пробило на слёзы всех напрочь нахуй ? Скажу просто , спасибо , что доверяете , я вас не подведу родные ❤️

    2 day ago

    ⭐️✨ UP TO 40% OFF PALETTE SALE ✨⭐️ 48 HOURS ONLY! BEGINS NOW!  #12DaysOfDreamyDeals

    4 day ago

    Сестрички?‍❤️‍?‍? А какая пара сестер нравится вам больше? 1,2,3 или 4? Голосуй в комментариях ?  #дом2  #дом2новости  #dom2  #новости  #тнт  #шоу  #dom2ruпевыевсети

    15 day ago

    How do you say HEDGEHOG in your language? ? . By @mr.pokee  #babyanimalsco

    2 day ago

    Foto tremida sim mas captou o momento exato do abraço de admiração, gratidão!!!!  @marcosmion Você brilhou! Hoje eu estava ali, com mil borboletas no estômago, com o microfone na mão tendo a chance de trabalhar ao seu lado, e o que você fez? Foi generoso, assim são os GRANDES! Obrigada!!!!!!!

    11 day ago

    Tune in reminder! I'm headed to  @theellenshow,  @thetalkcbs and  @thelatelateshow to chat all things  #DUMPLIN! ?

    15 day ago

    So excited to be on the cover of  @justurbane Mag - Dec issue! Check it out ? . . Publisher:  @theabhikulkarni Photography:  @sameerbelvalkar Art Direction:  @jatinjoshii Words:  @sudhakar14 Styling:  @nakhrevakhre Makeup:  @tomasmoucka Hair:  @jeetihairtstylist Ensemble:  @rockystarofficial _______________________________________________  #justurbane  #covergirl  #sunnyleone  #december

    11 day ago

    That's the way the cookie crumbles.  #NationalCookieDay

    26 day ago

    16 day ago

    FOTO OFICIAL ❤ Olha esse ? incrível que preparamos para vocês! Uma bancada de make maravilhosas + iPhone 8 Plus !!!!? _ Para participar é fácil ? _ 1⃣ Marcar 02 amigos nos comentários; _ 2⃣ Seguir TODOS que o PERFIL  @presentemake SEGUE _ 3⃣ Curtir essa FOTO OFICIAL. _ 4⃣ Deixar o PERFIL aberto no dia do resultado. _ ➡ O RESULTADO será anunciado nos stories do perfil  @presentemake 07/12 ficará disponível 24hrs para conferência dos participantes. _ ? Um Beijo e Boa Sorte! ? _

    18 day ago

    Michael Jackson was honored at the 2000 “Angel Ball” alongside President Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor. The G&P Foundation recognized his efforts to fight cancer, and the star-studded benefit raised more than $4 million that night for the effort. As he accepted the award, Michael said: “Cancer is the number one killer of children. And it is only when we join together on evenings like this, that we can summon the courage and determination to stop it from ever robbing another child of the precious gift of life or a parent of the joy of watching their child grow. God bless you all for all the love and support you have offered this evening and I love you all very much. Thank you.”

    1 month ago

    Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary in style with this exquisite dangle in sterling silver and 14k gold. Wear it with our new Mickey and Minnie Mouse open bangle in sterling silver for a sweet and chic look.  #DISNEYxPANDORA  #PANDORAStyle  #PANDORA  #PANDORACharm  #PANDORABracelet

    11 day ago

    Fire Starter ???