That’s the way love goes...

That’s the way love goes...

27 day ago

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    • @amerikachalon21 day ago

      YAll look good period

    • @fitfam21 day ago

      @forevermalika ❤️😍

    • @nerdafrican_chick20 day ago

      Wow u guys are still dating

    • @bibi_chanel20 day ago


    • @michelleyzk20 day ago


    • @hopeimmanuella720 day ago


    • @peppa007720 day ago


    • @lovelee24720 day ago

      Wait a min...When this happened🤔 wasn't he was just dating uhhh nvm🤦🏿‍♀️

    • @zainabxmansary20 day ago


    • @urbanlovecollection20 day ago


    • @mzladybug020 day ago

      Stop playing and get married already

    • @agmbella20 day ago

      🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  @forevermalika

    • @juliakadiki20 day ago


    • @a1foreverandalways20 day ago

      Y'all cute

    • @saint.michelle20 day ago

      Black love is sooo beautiful

    • @christine_nalley20 day ago

      @umarkamani 👍

    • @toniawhyte00720 day ago

      So perfect 😍😍😍😍🙏

    • @toniawhyte00720 day ago

      @lornie2009 they have a reason why they friends with her,if they feel that bad like u they would have drop her since okurrr now bloop

    • @rnbchick2720 day ago


    • @elena6_919 day ago

      @forevermalika you and your boo look so good in this pic 😊 I pray you all mucho blessings 🙏🏽❤️😘

    • @okjabu17 day ago

      🔥🔥🔥 Yess!

    • @mariamb_bedoya15 day ago

      Is this who she dating!?

    • @greeneyedshortyy13 day ago

      China drugz that was u❤️

    • @dashingmoy13 day ago


    • @glammagirl812 day ago


    • @akuigah12 day ago

      I love this. Alwaz loved u gal...

    • @katrinaostergard11 day ago

      @lornie2009 could not agree more with u...she is gross and trying to use them to social climb

    • @lornie200911 day ago

      @katrinaostergard finally someone who agrees! She's trashy as hell and a name dropper! 🙈 shes a total embarrassment 😂

    • @katrinaostergard11 day ago

      @lornie2009 cus we see through her fakeness... I honestly cringe when I watch any of her social media stuff...she has the mentality of a girl in high school

    • @katrinaostergard11 day ago

      @lornie2009 cus we see through her fakeness... I honestly cringe when I watch any of her social media stuff...she has the mentality of a girl in high school

    • @mally_yay11 day ago


    • @queen_mocha_latte11 day ago


    • @figbodywear10 day ago


    • @trainyourbody10 day ago


    • @jonavee8 day ago

      @forevermalika I love you but this dude doesn’t have you in NONE of his pics on IG , I mean no shout out no nothing , but he has other girls , promotion girls . I mean it’s whatever but you don’t have to be on his page for him to love you but if you are his queen then he should uplift you and boast about you , I mean i know I would but that’s just me . God bless you beautiful .

    • @xoriissxoo7 day ago


    • @mrs_boujeebihh1016 day ago

      U go girl 💕💕

    • @dainperezz3 day ago


    • @brittanyvelvet_1 day ago

      Got damn yal look good 🙌🏼🔥😍 okkuurttt

    • @prezzidenchull_briss55 minute ago

      Your so beautiful

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    We mad

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    22 day ago

    Laaaaaaa ?

    19 day ago

    We were staying in Paris ??

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