The Warriors have “No Interest” in Carmelo Anthony despite having an open roster slot, per @MarcjSpears.

The Warriors have “No Interest” in Carmelo Anthony despite having an open roster slot, per  @MarcjSpears.

24 day ago

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    • @the_reign7723 day ago

      Getting used like Dez Bryant, Damn NBA

    • @perris2x23 day ago

      @naterobinson he’s washed up now. The same happened to you

    • @guanzay_23 day ago


    • @fayizog23 day ago

      @206_shiftteam him and waknda can get next together

    • @p_sbdm23 day ago

      @naterobinson yea but it’s out w/ the old and in w/ the new 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • @206_shiftteam23 day ago

      @fayizog 😂😂

    • @98type_r23 day ago

      @underpiker shanghai sharks?

    • @austindiamonds23 day ago

      Melo would kill in the Big3

    • @jason_morrow_23 day ago

      No one wants a shitty team mate that’s why

    • @underpiker23 day ago

      @98type_r he would tear it up in lavars league

    • @jckk123 day ago

      COME BACK TO DENVER MELO, THEY NEED A VET EXPERIENCE and since you left, weed been legal, come back MELO!!

    • @kadohendrix23 day ago

      the warriors wont even take him😭 smh

    • @supadupabrizz23 day ago

      In other news Dwight Howard is singing to the WNBA hoping to get that ring next season

    • @noahcoebriand23 day ago

      @naterobinson bro how????????? You’d be more effective if you were still in the league. The dude is iso ball players, stops the moving.. doesn’t produce anything besides mid range 2’s

    • @jcuasi23 day ago

      @spurs  @memgrizz perfect fit 👍🏼👍🏼

    • @jti313123 day ago

      He sucks always has sucked, most overrated player in nba history

    • @mack_swaggin23 day ago

      They could use his 6 points a game

    • @dgreenss223 day ago

      That’s just smart basketball

    • @totalsratmove23 day ago


    • @pepepreme23 day ago


    • @rl.42422 day ago

      This guy used to be my favorite player . He can definitely score but dont play D for shit . Why becuae he doesn't want to. So you know what, you reap what you sow. I don't feel bad for him. Go to China and drop 50 on a daily .

    • @silkygriff22 day ago

      @brass_p you’re mother’s pussy trash

    • @u_cedd_whatt22 day ago

      Its so many players in the NBA that are way worse than MELO lol they tryna blackball my guy

    • @countryboydjs22 day ago

      Are y'all paying attention to the NBA slavemasters

    • @brass_p22 day ago

      @silkygriff 😂 cute

    • @brass_p22 day ago

      @silkygriff I’m in Brooklyn let’s meet up to talk basketball

    • @silkygriff22 day ago

      @brass_p nah you trying get me jumped foh 😂

    • @brakeskicks22 day ago

      @brass_p dude silkygriff  @silkygriff pussy, I can find him lmk so we can all talk basketball 😂

    • @brass_p22 day ago

      he blocked me. 🤣 keep tabs 🤣

    • @brass_p22 day ago

      @brass_p he blocked me too 🤣 I thought he was a true basketball fan 🤣 , you already know you can run but no ONE can hide 🤣

    • @aye_yo_brando22 day ago

      He has to go to a team where he shoots about 15-20 times

    • @a5bar_elnogoom.eg22 day ago

      متفاعله ضيفوني 🙌🙌🙌💜

    • @nasafreight22 day ago

      Retire please 🙏🏽

    • @diangelo.demarcus22 day ago

      Big3 it is!!! Melo gone clown!!!!

    • @uncle.breez22 day ago

      @ii_aintshiit did you write this caption or nah? Lol😂

    • @ii_aintshiit22 day ago

      @uncle.breez lmaooooooo shady af, I’m enjoying it all

    • @antoniojt8920 day ago

      @itsfrankbinns yup , its over

    • @sl3j19 day ago

      @sprakanites bahala sila mig mga gago yan sila lahat hahaha

    • @superjaymze19 day ago


    • @orangeandblueforever16 day ago

      That’s wack if there’s any place that would be able to integrate him into the culture it would be Golden State.

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    Playing against you was both difficult and enjoyable. Seeing you dedicating the Ballon D'Or to other players including myself shows your greatness yet humbleness. Completely deserved Luka, congratulations!

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