Grandma & Great Grandma ❤️💙

Grandma & Great Grandma ❤️💙

1 month ago

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    • @kareno8227 day ago

      The cutest! You are so lucky to still have them!

    • @amezingartw27 day ago


    • @zeguimas9827 day ago


    • @estuitarexdouglas27 day ago

      3 beautiful ladies 1 luck guy

    • @__jackiechan__27 day ago


    • @dedicatednelevated26 day ago

      I can only imagine your great grandmother watching your games like, "There goes my jimmy wrecking the offensive line again. LETS GO!"

    • @sevenghost_726 day ago

      Beautiful man!! Just beautiful!!

    • @c_mccarthyy26 day ago


    • @jenivisseafoodshoppe26 day ago


    • @brookeannesmith25 day ago

      So sweet 🙌

    • @tony_csaszar25 day ago


    • @bradleywernerdotcom25 day ago

      Wow you asshole cocksucker had to wreck AS leg. Wha a fucking dickhead you are

    • @yuto_fukumura25 day ago


    • @sssscott25 day ago

      @silbasa123 def just the angle

    • @sabrinaclubb24 day ago

      I would love to know the secret to such a long life. And they seem so happy.

    • @organicspies24 day ago

      You are so lucky. I miss my grandma. And great grandma.

    • @onlyone_t24 day ago


    • @rageinharmony23 day ago

      Howdi! Hey, JJ What

    • @cutetxprincess23 day ago

      @redneckgirl12891 your lover 😉

    • @missladyy1023 day ago

      got it

    • @supreme.fuller22 day ago

      God damn u buff as shit (NO HOMO)

    • @sh.aun44texas21 day ago

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family watts🦃🦃🦃🦃🤘🏼🦂🔩

    • @xiedi3620 day ago

      so good

    • @x_da_0220 day ago


    • @1jdo20 day ago


    • @aly.rey0219 day ago

      Found them!

    • @aly.rey0219 day ago

      @bunb bund

    • @casper_xo_xo_16 day ago


    • @ry10s15 day ago

      Lucky man.

    • @nnnncny15 day ago

      Most people never know their great grandmother let alone have her around as you get older. You are one lucky guy, but I guess you know that

    • @kh.as115 day ago


    • @mrs_tina_yo_party_bus_driver_112 day ago

      Beautiful Ladies Love It A Blessing 🙏

    • @shaqdeesel71311 day ago

      Beautiful .

    • @young_rissy6 day ago


    • @shane.goodman.16122 day ago

      That's so awesome you still have both

    • @tracidlynnaustin1 day ago

      @wisbadgergirl99 I apologize if I come off as being harsh or rude when I say this. Yes, the divorce rate is sky high but people think that if they get mad or argue then they’ll just get a divorce. Whatever happened to “fighting to make it work”

    • @wisbadgergirl991 day ago

      @tracidlynnaustin What happened to not getting married if he is happy that way.Did you ever think that maybe he doesn’t want to get married right now.That it is career first for awhile.Besides he is always on the road and so is she.There is probably no time to see much of each other.Let them figure out what is best for them.Don’t pressure them.Geez people are annoying with that question!Back off!

    • @tracidlynnaustin1 day ago

      @wisbadgergirl99 you know what? Personally I don’t care. You seem to be the only person who’s getting so upset. I don’t see anyone “pressuring these 2 to get married”You don’t need to tell me anything about being on the road all the time. My husband is always gone. I think that you are the one who has a problem with people just talking about wether or not they will ever get married. JJ is a grown man and can talk for himself. I don’t think he’d like for you to speak on his behalf.

    • @wisbadgergirl991 day ago

      @tracidlynnaustin Really I don’t have an issue.My only issue that people are such busy bodies and so nosie now days.And were you not the one that kept going with this issue.Hmmmm,Yes!I wish them both success a long time ago if you would go back to my very first comment but you probably won’t because you will probably respond to this one.Most likely this one will have you burning your undies in a bunch!And I also travel all the time all over the state of Wisconsin.I was married and he was working long hours and I was all over the place.I didn’t work.So people should mind their own business period.

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