Ira Glass!!!! Ira. Glass. The Master of this whole medium is also the cutest person in NYC. Enjoy my hero on @armchairexppod 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

Ira Glass!!!! Ira. Glass. The Master of this whole medium is also the cutest person in NYC. Enjoy my hero on  @armchairexppod 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

1 month ago

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    • @daxshepard25 day ago

      @mazzyandme 🙂🙂🙂🙂

    • @daxshepard25 day ago

      @julianebullard crazy coincidence!

    • @daxshepard25 day ago

      @shawnadrama 🙏♥️🙏♥️🙏

    • @xtinamcdonald25 day ago

      @blaker87 IRA!!

    • @j_sauce24 day ago

      @daxshepard  @mlpadman I just wanted to say I love you guys! I talk about your podcast ALL the time, I think it is wonderful! And I appreciate you explaining the formatting and length in this episode. I love that it’s as long as it is. Please don’t ever change it! 😊 oh and thank you for getting back to me on that gender documentary question a few weeks back! I told my boyfriend “isn’t it crazy a celebrity responded to my question!?” It’s the little things 😊

    • @whitjpage24 day ago

      @rbbeaty oh can’t wait. I do love me some Ira!!

    • @hroseanderson24 day ago

      My #2 favorite episode (first being David Harbour)... I have a strong urge to runaway and marry Ira Glass! 🤣

    • @danielledesmondschorr24 day ago

      @daxshepard I’m trying to find this episode on Radio Lab. Does anyone know when it aired?

    • @danielledesmondschorr24 day ago

      @daxshepard never mind, did some more fact checking and found it ✅ Ignore me

    • @shawnadrama24 day ago

      @danielledesmondschorr the segment  @daxshepard mentions is at the 45:30 mark. The segment  @mlpadman talks about is the first one.

    • @danielledesmondschorr24 day ago

      @shawnadrama thank you! Tuning in now

    • @mstarak24 day ago

      Ira is such a babe! Love him. The only thing we don’t agree on is how long Armchair Expert should be... I’m with Dax - the longer the better!!!

    • @luckyfawkes23 day ago

      saç kesim uzmanı kuaför burada  @gurkanbayrak  @gurkanbayrak  @gurkanbayrak 5794ec

    • @candy110823 day ago

      Such a great episode. Glass seems like a very sweet man. Thank you!

    • @hanabee9123 day ago

      Loved this episode but the fact checks are killer! I almost spat my drink out with laughter when you said “black heart” 😂 and tried to blow over it 🍒 🍒

    • @feliciaafriend22 day ago

      @armchairexppod I'm so grateful that your guys's podcast is long. I work 12 hour shifts on graveyard building airplane engine parts. It gets extremely boring. The podcast feeds my soul. It's informational, entertaining, and sometimes tugs on the heart strings. So in conclusion, thank you very much.

    • @cml787822 day ago

      You’re nailing the vibe. You are absolutely right about vibe and tone and personal sensibility. Such a good point. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know who you’re interviewing. You are the unifying thread of your podcast. People are listening for you. (And for  @mlpadman too!)

    • @louisontour21 day ago

      I just started listening and your voice sounds like Dr Drews voice had a voice baby with Scott Aukerman

    • @know_moore21 day ago

      This was a wonderful episode and what a catch this Ira Glass is. Still in disbelief that he is 59 😮 that curiosity and passion is keeping him feeling and LOOKING young

    • @cmpurchase20 day ago

      Where can I find the Blame by Radiolab episode you talked about in this podcast? 👏🏻

    • @fiftyrox20 day ago

      I’m sure many people commenting on Ira’s questioning why podcast is so long... I think they are the perfect length! Don’t shorten anything! I liked the interview until he said that😂 Love your podcast!

    • @greenrice119 day ago

      Just finished listening and I have to add...I love how long your episodes are! In fact, I get bummed when they end! So many times I wish they’d keep going!! Keep doing you Dax!!

    • @mazzaallie19 day ago

      Ira Glass is my spirit animal. Never a bad ep, but I literally squealed when I saw this one on my list.

    • @addieem19 day ago

      Can we refer to early pioneers of audio as being “IG” not “OG?” Has that joke already been made? I hope not. It felt really good to say.

    • @iathomas7715 day ago

      Wonderful interview! One of the best! ❤

    • @scoobi115 day ago

      @riss1819 google it - it’s there

    • @mmtclarke15 day ago

      @daxshepard So where do I find the David Sedaris episode. Tots Need to hear it!!!

    • @hienerr15 day ago

      @daxshepard I just listened to this episodes fact-check and I may need to check in on a fact that was made. The swastika symbol is actually the Buddhist/Hindu symbol flipped. That sign is actually meant to represent the footprints of Buddha. The origin is Sanskrit and means conducive to well being. Wobbie Rob was right but I completely agree about how one approaches the confederate flag or someone wearing the swastika symbol is highly important in the outcome of that conversation and thinking of the other person. Love you guys! 💕

    • @hienerr15 day ago

      Also ps. Ira glass’ voice sound so young; it’s hard to believe he’s 60...very trippy! 😂

    • @mrs.thomas091613 day ago

      @shawnadrama I can't find this episode. Is it called Blame?

    • @shawnadrama13 day ago

      @mrs.thomas0916 yes. It’s from a few years ago.

    • @karalaragram12 day ago

      I loved this episode (and others) and it’s really great to see a different side of the traditional reporting Ira! Side note, I’m also an avid radio lab podcast listener but oh my lord I never listened to the episode you referred to. So many tears.

    • @kajwillard12 day ago

      I for one love the length of the podcast! Great listening to get me to and from work 🙌🏻 😍

    • @chodge169 day ago

      Have you started listening to The Daily yet? So good. This was such a fun interview! Great perspective on why 2 guys and a girl is worth my time ha

    • @lkdtillotson7 day ago

      Ok. I am standing in my kitchen listening to the Ira podcast with dripping wet fingers from stopping my dishes to say this: DO NOT EVER SHORTEN THE PODCAST. My favorite thing about it is that I get to know everyone so well, it’s so in depth. I don’t know what question 1 is, but I needed you to know I LOVE THE LENGTH.

    • @lkdtillotson7 day ago

      @lkdtillotson I even work 10 min away from my house but i love listening while cleaning, folding laundry and getting ready for work. The length was a wise decision, I sometimes even feel sad when they are over because I got so into it!

    • @lkdtillotson7 day ago

      I’m back just to say, I agree, love The Daily. But politics and news can’t be longer than 30 minutes or you get depressed. Armchair is medicine for the sadness of the world. The daily and armchair are my top pods, the length is perf on both 🙌🏽

    • @lkdtillotson7 day ago

      Omg I hate myself for commenting this much.

    • @punkurz3 day ago

      I'm just a touch behind but finished this episode today and immediately jumped onto Radiolab's "Blame" episode. Thanks for all the brain candy.

    • @katiegrahamd2 day ago


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