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1 month ago

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    2 day ago

    Haha geezus, you can tell by the look on my face how much warm love, admiration and gratitude I have for this mensch & mentor. Great surprise to find out that, Ron Meyer (Vice Chairman of NBC Universal) flew in to visit our set of HOBBS & SHAW here in London. Years ago when I was working hard to break into Hollywood, Ron saw my box office viability and potential force, by giving the “green light” for my first ever starring role as, “The Scorpion King” for Universal Pictures. I had zero acting experience, so all I could offer Ron was my word and handshake to work as hard as I possibly could to deliver — and to not suck lol. The rest is history. And I’ve been the luckiest SOB ever since to have the career I’ve had.  #gratefulman

    2 day ago

    gonna be happy

    3 day ago

    hello little grey! Hi,小灰寶可夢 你好!  #fragmentxpokemon

    7 day ago

    ?️ It's  #TOTW 12 featuring 90 Giorgio Chiellini ?, 88 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ? & 87 Timo Werner ? #FUT  #FIFA19⁠ ⁠

    10 day ago


    21 day ago

    ? Who’s the Kim K of the family and showing up to Thanksgiving dinner glam af?  @kimkardashian  @chrisappleton1  #MakeupByMario

    3 day ago

    @makeupbybrooktiffany has us feeling peachy keen in this gorgeous Peach Extended eye look! ?✨ Tap to shop PEACH EXTENDED, back in stock on the site!

    22 day ago

    Selamat menempuh hidup baru bro  @baimwong dan  @paula_verhoeven , Barakallah, sakinah mawaddah warahmah, aamin..

    18 day ago

    Ontem para o  #jogodospontinhos de batom  @jequiti! Maquiagem linda por  @saradereck_03

    18 day ago

    Woke up in Miami with my  @balibody new self tan ??

    21 day ago

    Que la pasen súper junto a sus seres queridos!!  #FelizDiaDeAcionDeGracias ?

    26 day ago

    こんな可愛いママ最高だねぇ のヨンアちゃんにひさびさに 会えた♡  #repost  @youn1029 可愛い可愛いゆきなちゃんに久しぶりに会えたよ❤︎嬉しい?‍♀️  #fnoosaka  #阪うめだ本店  #fashionnightout  #voge

    2 day ago

    Мой родной город❤️ Сегодня. Санкт-Петербург. Ледовый. Жду вас ??12.12.18 Шоу «Принимай меня» ??  #моилюдивсегдасомной  #миомправитлюбовь#принимайменя

    3 day ago

    @ohpolly ❤️  #kiss ? #red ?

    16 day ago

    Держитесь подальше от слишком закомплексованных (ментально) и трусливых людей. Будет вам счастье ;)

    4 day ago

    A team presenting themselves as “Supreme” have allegedly struck a deal with Samsung ? Photos here showing the “announcement” at a Samsung launch event in China. The imposter also made claims of a “7 storey” flagship Supreme store to launch in Beijing next year, and an upcoming deal with Mercedes ? ?  @suptalk