In Thailand, inspired by the big beautiful bull of a man himself @therock and created my own little paradise #onlyworkerintheroom

In Thailand, inspired by the big beautiful bull of a man himself  @therock and created my own little paradise  #onlyworkerintheroom

10 day ago

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    • @na_mattos16 hour ago

      @_fabimattos Esse tá bom tb! Hahahahah

    • @kitty_kelly2916 hour ago

      @hank_snapp 😂🤣

    • @jesstherover15 hour ago

      You sound like ramsay

    • @beingkaranbehl2215 hour ago

      Haha  @chrishemsworth you're our thor

    • @emma24044214 hour ago

      @dan_haigh95 🤔🤔🤔😉😂

    • @c_rayz_walz14 hour ago


    • @oujlouq14 hour ago

      @mnordlund 😂

    • @yutzeli14 hour ago


    • @lawrence13131314 hour ago


    • @bhtavc14 hour ago

      Kardeşim nasılsın şimşek içinde patladı hâla mavra peşindesin

    • @makharmy13 hour ago


    • @miriamlamanna_13 hour ago


    • @wyl.berkay13 hour ago

      You Hulk no 50Kg

    • @uja1912 hour ago

      I'm your mega fan from Brazil, for God's sake send me a kiss plisssssss

    • @eshbaieval4ynbek12 hour ago


    • @islam_404212 hour ago

      What do Muslims think about Jesus? Muslim respect and revere Jusus (pbuhعليه السلام) and await his Second Coming . They consider him one of the greatest of God's messengers to mankind.A Muslim nevere refers to him simply as 'Jesus' but always adds the phrase 'upon gim be peace'. The Quran confirms his virgin birth (achpter of the Quran is entitled 'Mary') and Mary is considered the purest women all creations. Jesus (pbuh) was born miraculously through the same power which had brought Adam (pbuh) into being without a father.

    • @daysivillajar10 hour ago

      Eres el hombre más guapo del mundo 😍😍😍😘

    • @shortstuff.231210 hour ago

      @diana_g58  @pozitortiz girls just wanted to introduce you guys to my husband ❤️💗lo amo

    • @xerynnenewton2006x10 hour ago

      How about 'New Asgard'

    • @pozitortiz10 hour ago

      @shortstuff.2312 . Lol . Thor

    • @sharan_saha_0710 hour ago

      Aim for the head this time

    • @owenlockepotten10 hour ago


    • @aj.world449 hour ago


    • @jana_masson8 hour ago

      Como vc é lindoooooo❤️❤️😍😍😍

    • @anniefrenchh6 hour ago

      @samuel_sheard 😂😂

    • @big_g2725 hour ago

      Call your gym either the iron garden or the church of steel... or maybe Thor’s Eden...ya that sounds nice actually🤔🔥🇦🇱

    • @eshalee_dalwood5 hour ago

      The Thor Room

    • @mashpttt3 hour ago

      You are so cute❤️❤️

    • @elba_aome3 hour ago


    • @graphixkitty2 hour ago

      No offence man but I would hate to see your "Sushi Train" and Tequila choice..

    • @daggadelta92 hour ago

      @warnermaryanne yes!!

    • @captainnemo_draws2 hour ago

      I 💜 your hair

    • @kitten.ob1 hour ago


    • @imrangination1 hour ago


    • @bri39bri53 minute ago

      You can tell he's a father by watching the first clip. I want to leave the room cause of that

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    21 day ago

    That Jellyfish floating near the surface was only a few inches long but it left one of the most painful stings I’ve felt. They became a new obstacle to avoid when deep water soloing in Mallorca. This photo was created with a large dome port on a water-housing often referred to as an over/under port. We used a fisheye lens that allows you to capture a portal to two separate worlds. In this case myself &  @nathaniel.coleman switched places & he dove while I climbed. @_ryanhill_ held his breath and waited patiently for the water to be calm at the surface while shooting this photo. Pretty sure he even got stung by a jellyfish while doing so.

    27 day ago

    Photo by  @FransLanting A controversial culling of more than one thousand red deer in the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve in the Netherlands is underway. It is the sad outcome of a heated debate about the most appropriate way to manage nature and wildlife in this famous wetland near Amsterdam. For some this area represented a unique opportunity to recreate nature on a scale that had not been seen in the Netherlands, nor anywhere else in Western Europe, in many centuries. But for others the mortality among the horses and the deer after a recent severe winter became too much to bear and they demanded action. After consulting the experts and pondering the options the Dutch government decided that the experimental approach to rewilding this wetland needed to be replaced with a more conventional management of culling the large mammals back to a drastically reduced population. So nearly 1800 deer will get killed and many hundreds of Konik horses are slated to get removed. I realize there are no easy answers for resolving this dilemma, but as a Dutchman living abroad looking at the Oostvaardersplassen with an international perspective I am sad that it has come to this. I hope that this will not be the last chapter in the ongoing debate about the meaning of nature and wildness in the most densely populated country on earth. Please, let us know what you think and follow me  @FransLanting and  @ChristineEckstrom for more stories about our changing relationship with nature  @ThePhotoSociety  #Netherlands  #Oostvaardersplassen  #RewildingEurope  #reddeer

    17 day ago

    ☁️  @glennnutley

    9 day ago

    Ralph Lauren is honored to announce that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were married wearing custom Ralph Lauren. . The bride’s strapless column dress embellished with pearlescent sequins was overlaid with a hand-embroidered, high-neck coat with scalloped sleeves and satin-covered buttons. The embroidery included eight significant words and phrases selected by the bride, including "Family," "Hope," and "Compassion." . The groom wore a Purple Label double-breasted tuxedo with a piece of the bride's dress hand-embroidered with the Urdu words “My Jaan” (meaning “My Life”) at the interior lapel of the jacket, just over his heart. . The bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, flower girls, and ring bearer were all dressed in Ralph Lauren for the wedding at the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India, on December 1, 2018. . Courtesy of  @People, on newsstands tomorrow. . (c) Purple Pebble America, LLC and NJJ Entertainment, LLC 2018. . Photograph: Jose Villa/Getty Images . @PriyankaChopra  #PriyankaChopra  @NickJonas  #NickJonas  #PriyankaAndNick  #RalphLauren  #RL50

    26 day ago

    coming for you

    12 day ago

    فيديو كليب حابب نفسي !!! الرابط في البايو ?

    15 day ago

    sprinkle me bby ?

    2 day ago

    Дорогие, недавно я выставляла пост про девочку Иду, которая вынуждена жить в детском доме, а папа работает там, чтобы видеть ее каждый день. Буквально вчера, я говорила с Алексеем по телефону, благодаря моим и вашим конечно же усилиям Мы собрали нужную сумму. Урааа♥️? теперь у них будет своя квартира. Я вынуждена написать , что тоже помогала финансово, хоть я это ненавижу, потому что мне было просто противно читать, как люди упрекают за посты о помощи ? Никто не имеет право залезать ко мне и моему мужу в кошелёк, у нас большая семья, у нас есть близкие и родственники и целая жизнь впереди!!! И это не ваше дело, как нам распоряжаться деньгами, эти посты с криком о помощи не для вас, а для Людей! Потом поймёте в чем разница, обязательно поймёте. А пока кликайте тупость на других страницах, а мы будем помогать и к сожалению оправдываться за добрые дела♥️ Спасибо большое

    22 day ago

    Lacin’ it up ❤️ . ?-  @framesbyankit ?-  @geetikabehalartistry

    4 day ago

    All you need is love... but a few treats couldn’t hurt! ?❤️

    20 day ago

    I’m in Miami Beach! ? Dale Like y comenta “in Miami Beach” LETRA por LETRA sin ser interrumpido! Estaré SIGUIENDO y dando LIKES a los 10 PRIMEROS!????

    7 day ago

    Beside every General, there is a stubborn rat. & thats how this one came with laps to distract me from work & to disturb me at my  #PowerOf1 premiere, but thank God i have the strength of a thousand army in me. whats that her name again? ?

    13 day ago

    Pops of color from around the world, captured by  #teampixel photographers  @shootwith12mp,  @saransirius,  @click_mmt, and  @esclickz.

    11 day ago

    Tag someone who needs to see this?The more we try to hold on, the more we cause ourselves pain. People will come back into your life when they want to.

    9 day ago

    That's the way the cookie crumbles.  #NationalCookieDay

    11 day ago

    Mehr Fakten auf  @faktastisch