My favorite. #greatpresident #greatfriend

My favorite.  #greatpresident  #greatfriend

9 day ago

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    • @mommalg12123 day ago

      @rcisneros517 no her foot isn’t missing. You have had one egg nog too many. She’s wearing black pants and black boots. Lay off the buttered rum and stop being so insensitive

    • @coniexpress3 day ago

      Reba sang the "Lord'sPrayer" Beauritifully ...  #Heartfelt!

    • @kkmsjs1003 day ago

      Loved your singing at the funeral service! Beautiful ❤️

    • @gloriaminott3 day ago

      Beautiful photo of you too!! He was such a good man and father! Love you singing the Lords Prayer❤️

    • @lisad7903 day ago

      Love this - two great Christians!

    • @lpimentelgomez3 day ago

      Thanks for your tribute, pretty song

    • @bearvolsfan3 day ago

      You did Great!!!

    • @snicklefritz03173 day ago

      Awesome picture 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌

    • @nasonjoy3 day ago

      What a tribute to a great President! Thank you, Reba!

    • @ymgonzo3 day ago

      We love you George! And we love you Reba

    • @ymgonzo3 day ago

      @rcisneros517 what?

    • @maxi10493 day ago

      You did him such great honor at the service  #lovethisman  #lovethisPresident

    • @karribrownharris3 day ago

      Reba, you are truly an angel ... great photo.

    • @moniquemovesmiami3 day ago

      Beautiful picture

    • @tinacup3 day ago


    • @scrutcher63 day ago

      Fitting tribute........ Reba great job.

    • @monidelfs3 day ago

      God bless. He is reunited with his wife in heaven.

    • @dymatize_riley3 day ago


    • @maureenk93 day ago

      Reba you are the best, God Bless you and may, our President dance above with his love.

    • @butler.floyd3 day ago

      You did him proud

    • @vicky.harris.5073 day ago

      Beautiful moments

    • @lawandalindseysmith93 day ago

      Beautiful Reba, love you,LaWanda

    • @marshahpowelll623 day ago

      Beautiful song, lovely lady.

    • @jeepguy343 day ago

      Such a beautiful picture and a blessed opportunity.

    • @jennicc2 day ago

      Beautiful Picture!! You did an amazing job at the service Reba! I know GW would have been honored and touched by your performance!

    • @aholland252 day ago

      @rcisneros517 🤦‍♀️ scroll back to April 17 in her feed when she first posted her visit... did she photoshop that also? Why criticize what is obviously a tender moment between friends.

    • @theonly1udesire2 day ago

      He is a loved great wonderful man and he will be very missed.😢. Reba u sang so beautiful as u always do lova ya. I cried when i Saw George W. Bush n u tear up. This has been a sad week. I want the Bush family n all thier friends to know. Yall are in my familys tonight's,prayers,condolences,and heart. We are sending lots of hugs and love to you all. Now and forever.

    • @tgnzls142 day ago

      Aww what a great pic of the two of you and the Lord's Pray song was awesome brought tears to my eyes! God bless u Reba.

    • @karlakay19572 day ago

      Two of the MOST wonderful people! Thank you for your example of kindness and love!

    • @will.austin2 day ago

      How you've managed to stay so humble and so kind with so much fame is a true testament to your character. Probably why you guys were birds of a feather.

    • @lindavaughn65052 day ago

      ❤️ this picture

    • @bobjudyelliott1 day ago


    • @jeanlposey1 day ago

      Such a sweet picture, your contribution to the service was wonderful beautiful voice🥰

    • @marymargarethabyan1 day ago

      Reba you were amazing at the service and contributed so much you have an angelic voice. Love ya Reba!💝💗💝

    • @gaudetelizabeth1 day ago

      Beautiful picture

    • @kaylita201 day ago

      ❤️🙏👏🤣😍🙌 love so much

    • @live4everfloris_notalone22 hour ago

      Yes Sol💂💖The Socks💦

    • @the_real_liliana15 hour ago

      @reba what a beautiful person you are to see him and to have had in in your life ! My dream is to meet Reba ! Love her !

    • @rrpartin13 hour ago

      Once again well played Reba

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    7 day ago

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    23 day ago

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    2 day ago

    So serious when try’in to get back to that 2003 P Diddy Sean John runway show look. Hahaha ??  #bluesteele  #calmdown  #timetohitthegym

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    6 day ago

    Se vamos ter rugas, que seja de tanto sorrir. ??

    23 day ago

    Back again as the face of  @nicolebenisti wearing my favorite coat ?

    8 day ago

    The snack that smiles back ??  @_calebburton

    29 day ago

    уже догадались шо будет вас греть этой зимой????

    28 day ago

    Good morning and have you all a blue week ?????

    26 day ago

    Ben Yine Manken Olmuşsam ??  @yurtalansuna

    10 day ago

    Fought hard.

    28 day ago

    Fresh out the factory-sealed box. Any good games for this thing? ?

    3 day ago

    This is actually insane I can’t even believe it, a B!!!!!! A fuckin B!!!! So much love to the fans im nowhere without you. I started writing raps and making beats in 10th grade and didn’t start making a living off it till years & years later it’s been a constant grind ever since and we’re still just getting started!!! Thank you thank you thank you, grateful beyond belief! Hungry and can’t wait for 2019 ????

    3 day ago

    Disfrutando de mis días libres ? y pensando en el futuro! ??