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    REAL TALK. I am REALLY trying to understand the people who get offended by my comics. I actually think it’s a TRIUMPH for us to be able to openly share our vulnerabilities and LAUGH at it. . YES, I TOO deal with getting bloated, cravings, stubborn lower belly fat and all the things most girls deal with on the daily! So...why is it that when I share my stories, all of a sudden I’m this terrible “anti body positive” person who people are soooooo “disappointed” in? . Like, does sharing the truth - the fact that I have a food baby at 8:30 pm every night make me anti body positive? Does sharing the truth - the fact that I get bloated after I have a sugary carb like a donut make me anti body positive? Does sharing the truth - saying that I pull my pants up when I sit down make me anti body positive? . No. Nope. Not at all. Open your mind because you’ll find that it’s VERY body positive. . The comics are here to help NORMALIZE our “struggles” and tell you that they’re not really struggles at all! They’re normal! . To anyone who laughed, I’m glad we get each other! . To anyone who felt triggered, I apologize and I understand. Perhaps it’s best that you step away from my page until you’re fully recovered. . And to anyone who didn’t find it funny, maybe that joke wasn’t for you. . Kay,  #rantover. But don’t worry. I’ll keep making comics. I’m not going to be a potato. ? Love you.  #blogilates

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    Nasıl masum duruyor dimi numaracı böcek ? Ya anne ne istiyorsun benden? Çıkar şu kafamdaki şeyi ?  #maşallah Aynı bana benziyor ? Ben doğurdum çünkü ? MAŞALLAH diyin tamam mı ? RABBİM İSTEYEN HERKESE NASİP ETSİN ?????

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    gonna be happy

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    Our little family has grown by one, and we are soo in love (evidence of this morning’s wake-up cuddles in my story)! Rescuing him has been the most magical experience. He was put in a shelter during the fires, yet he still could not exude more love or joy if he tried. We couldn’t be more honored to be your new family, Koda. Your spirit is magic. ✨ But of course I can’t forget about our mommas ? I mean.. dead!

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    Today at‪ 6:31 a.m. EST,‬ three humans left planet Earth on six-hour journey to the International Space Station (@ISS). Launched aboard a Soyuz spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, astronauts Anne McClain, David Saint-Jacques and cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko arrived at their new orbiting home later the same day. During their time on humanity’s only permanently occupied microgravity laboratory, they will work on hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science. They will be joining the trio who is already in space, bringing the total crew to six people. Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani  #nasa  #space  #launch  #liftoff  #rocket  #soyuz  #roscosmos #csa  #canadian  #international  #spacestation  #science  #humans  #earth  #planet  #home  #orbit  #spacecraft  #crew  #team  #trio  #pictureoftheday

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    Getting ready to fight for the 1st place in the group #UCL. Mission: Amsterdam ??‍♂️⚽

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    Made a new friend today ?

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    New York edition?????

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    We bet you slay every day – so make up like you know it. Created by  @caromansabel using Lipstick / Patrickstarrr Slay Ride in Slay Ride, Eye Shadow x 6: Oh, Holy Eyes, Dazzleshadow Liquid in Blinking Brilliant, Up for Everything Lash, Extended Play Lash and Strobe Cream.  @PATRICKSTARRR  #MACPATRICKSTARRR

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    3 years ago today I dropped WIDO and everything changed.. This album took me all around the world, literally from the bay to the universe. Looking back I still have a hard time believing everything that happened, honestly owe it ALL to the fans, huge love to everyone who supported and believed in the vision, can’t explain how much it means ?

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    Buenas tardes !!

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    How yesterday felt

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    ❣️ A loja  @loveoffi vai estender o black Friday até sexta-feira. ❣️ Você que ama as peças pode aproveitar e usar o meu código MILEIDE e ganhar um mimo!  #Loveoffi  #Look  #blackfriday  #gratitude (  @adalbertoomarreiro )