Back-to-back W’s for the purple and gold! BI dropped 19-points, 4-rebounds and 4-assists. LeBron did his usual thing, ending the night with 28-points. #LakersWin

Back-to-back W’s for the purple and gold! BI dropped 19-points, 4-rebounds and 4-assists. LeBron did his usual thing, ending the night with 28-points.  #LakersWin

Staples Center10 day ago

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    • @foxangeles19 day ago

      @scott_ate im acting like a child but your comin with personal attacks lol ok guy

    • @scott_ate9 day ago

      @foxangeles1 it's true though

    • @foxangeles19 day ago

      @scott_ate oh u right it def is lmao 🤷‍♂️

    • @f_killa79 day ago

      @fucktheyankeesandwarriors it’s true, kobe isn’t top 5 when jordan LeBron Kareem magic wilt Duncan and Shaq all accomplished and dominated longer than he did

    • @fucktheyankeesandwarriors9 day ago

      @f_killa7 whatever makes you feel smart bud

    • @f_killa79 day ago

      @fucktheyankeesandwarriors it’s funny how everyone agrees except kobe fans

    • @thezachhack8 day ago

      @edcudii I agree... he doesn’t show up

    • @solothemisfit8 day ago

      Lakers better not dare think about trading this man for Beal

    • @dummy_carl0s8 day ago

      @kingpoohn facts

    • @fernandoaldaircruzmorales8 day ago

      @b_r_i_s_aa como ves ese uniforme

    • @snomelc_j8 day ago

      @hussletrees_ Kuzma is weak on defense

    • @snomelc_j8 day ago

      @ricarranza7 you can’t be real. Ingram is a very good defender.

    • @snomelc_j8 day ago

      @jomuelm and they would have lost without those 19pts. Stick to blogging

    • @jomuelm8 day ago

      @snomelc_j of course. Thank you for pointing the obvious 👍

    • @snomelc_j8 day ago

      @victoria_winslett_3 it’s only been 3 year straight out of high school. He’s averaging more than Kawai Leonard, Jimmy Butler and other stars during their 3rd year

    • @b_r_i_s_aa8 day ago

      @fernandoaldaircruzmorales 😍😍 súper cool

    • @billy_got_goals8 day ago

      KD took a page from Dirk. I think BI needs to learn from both KD and Dirk to take his game to a new level. He'd be unstoppable!

    • @hussletrees_8 day ago

      @snomelc_j He should still be on the closing unit tho. Players aren't scared of Ingram in the clutch. Lillard hit a game winner on him, even Trae Young blew by him in the clutch. Kobe put fear in people, the Warriors put fear in people. Lakers need to put fear in people's hearts like we use to. We getting there tho.

    • @southwestlegacy8 day ago

      Still isn't over 26 which has been the rhetoric BUT I'll take the consistent improvement

    • @drgundarz8 day ago

      @noeville248 speak facts

    • @mynamesdooly8 day ago

      @k00ljay313 facts

    • @23_0mar_238 day ago

      That’s my ball that Ingram signed do u guys have a pic with me in it

    • @fernandoaldaircruzmorales8 day ago

      @b_r_i_s_aa 😉😉

    • @victoria_winslett_38 day ago

      @snomelc_j They also weren’t a number 2 pick 🤣🤣🤣

    • @johnnybgoodmkay7 day ago

      @robbieberwick14 is LeBron rubbing off in Ingram? Cuz that would be sweeeet

    • @ur_daddy1387 day ago

      Comment #777

    • @leader_june7 day ago

      @kingpoohn yh but I just want a certain level of consistency

    • @lilgangsterrip7 day ago

      Lakers all day

    • @krispycigs6 day ago

      Y’all comparing this fool to kd is disrespectful😂

    • @mstt433 day ago

      Trade him to the YMCA

    • @mstt433 day ago

      No class Ingram

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    Suited and boot them around. Congrats Warrior ⚔️

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    1 day ago

    1st player in @nfl history with 3 go-ahead receiving TDs in the 4th QTR/OT of the same game? ? THAT’S AMARI...

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    İyi haftalar ??‍♂️?

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