The circle of life 😭

The circle of life 😭

7 day ago

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    8 day ago

    call me maybe ☎️

    10 day ago

    The years start coming and they don’t stop coming. Love ya short stack I’m so rip rah grateful for you :)

    7 day ago

    I know she s my sister n I can pick up the phone n tell her this... but strangely sometimes it’s easier posting things it feels cathartic... it’s ok  @anshulakapoor u don’t have to be an adult all the time u handle me the most useless man child in the world n u still manage to keep ur sanity it’s fine we will take things one day at a time... I wish I could be more like her or just give u the time with her that u crave but the reality is I can’t ever be like even if I try she was special & unique n u u are more an extension of her than I can ever be... love you. (I’ll be home soon to trouble you)  #Repost  @anshulakapoor with  @get_repost ・・・ Come back na Ma ❤️ . . Can you ever become too old to stop needing your mom’s hugs? Being an “adult” is hard, but it sucks extra hard on some days. Today is one such day where all I want is to have kadi chaawal with mom & hear her laugh one more time. Miss you Ma.  #AlwaysAndForever

    8 day ago

    you’ve gotta be kitten me

    9 day ago

    Because dark blooms are oh so seductive. From the new  #GiuseppeZanotti collection, the gorgeously crafted PEONY.  #GZSS19

    4 day ago

    Фототілші сириялық қыздың жымиып күлуін өтінген сәті. Төрткүл дүниеде тыныштық болсын. РАББЫМ бізді бейбіт күнімізден айырмағай. Қасиетті жұмадағы дұға-тілектеріміз қабыл болсын.  #?????????‍?‍?‍???????????☀️

    7 day ago

    Krampusnacht is almost upon us! Have you prepared? Krampus is an Austrian/German character who plays a crucial part of the holiday season. He’s a horned, anthropomorphic figure described as a "half-goat, half-demon" and during the holiday sason he punishes children who've been naughty. Originally, Krampus was a purely pagan creation, but like many parts of the Christmas season's tradition, he was absorbed as a sidekick of St. Nicholas, akin to figures like Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands and Knecht Ruprecht in Germany. December 5 is Krampusnacht and according to legend, Krampus spends the night visiting each house. What does he do once he's arrived? He might leave bundles of sticks for bad children, or hit them with the sticks instead. Or, if they're reallly naughty, he might grab them and take them to hell. Will you be celebrating with some  #KrampusCarols?  #Krampus  #HolidayHistory  #history  #KrampusNacht  #Christmas

    21 day ago

    Мына жігіттердің бір-екеуін абайламай басып кете жаздадым. ? Бойдақтары "Аға, халық арасында көп жүресіз, бізге иманды жар, сізге инабатты келін кездестіре алмай жүрміз" дейді. "Ол үшін, метромен, автобуспен жүру керек" деймін. Сөйтсем жігіттер қоғамдық көлікке сыймайды екен ғой. ? Пы. Сы. (post scriptum) "ҚАЗАҚтың жігіттері майдаланып кетті..." демей-ақ қоясыздар ғой, маған тиіп кетуі мүмкін. ? Қарға бойлы Қазтуғандар да дана халқымыздың кемеңгері болған. Ең бастысы рухымыз биік болсын. ?  #?????????‍?‍?‍???????????☀️

    18 day ago

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    6 day ago

    Tune in reminder! I'm headed to  @theellenshow,  @thetalkcbs and  @thelatelateshow to chat all things  #DUMPLIN! ?

    23 day ago

    Mr & Mrs Situation ? ?

    5 day ago

    Cok guzel olmanin bedelini cok agir oduyorum

    2 day ago

    Buenas Noches ??? Gracias  #CNCOwners de Argentina

    7 day ago

    We mad

    10 day ago

    Lost Files ?  #lilkim  #queenbee  #beehive

    13 day ago

    they mad?? make em madder!??‍♂️  #RoleModel OUT NOW‼️  #MAJOR