The babies? They’re part of it.
📸: @wallythewelshcorgi #SNLoween

The babies? They’re part of it. 📸:  @wallythewelshcorgi  #SNLoween

1 month ago

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    6 day ago

    I know she s my sister n I can pick up the phone n tell her this... but strangely sometimes it’s easier posting things it feels cathartic... it’s ok  @anshulakapoor u don’t have to be an adult all the time u handle me the most useless man child in the world n u still manage to keep ur sanity it’s fine we will take things one day at a time... I wish I could be more like her or just give u the time with her that u crave but the reality is I can’t ever be like even if I try she was special & unique n u u are more an extension of her than I can ever be... love you. (I’ll be home soon to trouble you)  #Repost  @anshulakapoor with  @get_repost ・・・ Come back na Ma ❤️ . . Can you ever become too old to stop needing your mom’s hugs? Being an “adult” is hard, but it sucks extra hard on some days. Today is one such day where all I want is to have kadi chaawal with mom & hear her laugh one more time. Miss you Ma.  #AlwaysAndForever

    17 day ago

    The next day with a GQ award at home.  #BestNewActor #GQ  #gqawards  #proud

    20 day ago

    some real ass ppl right here ❤️?

    8 day ago

    I love this so much. @equideo_

    22 day ago

    С моим старшим братом  @za_kadyrova_95eng . Большое спасибо за внимание и хороший ужин. Очень рады были видеть вас в Дубае.

    15 day ago

    I posted my elk steak dinner tonight on my story and I am getting a ton of messages about where i buy elk from. Y’all- I don’t buy it. The meat we eat at home comes from bow hunting. And I’m sure that’s going to result in some people unfollowing me, and that’s ok if you fully understand it in it’s entirety. I hiked 200 miles in 16 days in Idaho on this trip. I harvested my bull (male elk) with my bow. It was a fatal shot as I make sure I am as proficient with my equipment as I can be. I value life and I know that if I want to eat meat, I’m going to go out and get it myself with my bow - I don’t care if you’re vegan. I don’t care if you only eat bananas. I don’t care how you eat. What I do care about is respect. If you do eat meat- please understand that something died to nourish your body. For some of us, it’s in our blood to go out into nature and hunt for our food. 97% of Americans eat meat yet only about 3% of us hunt. Your food is coming from somewhere whether you saw it die or not - This elk will sustain me and josh all year (on top of the turkey, deer, etc we hunt). It’s the most amazing meat I’ve ever had (peep my story) and I know it lived a life God intended. On top of meat sustaining us, we have donated tens of thousands of meals over the years to those in need. Thank you for respecting me and this aspect of my life - @hoytbowhunting  @eastonarchery  @traegergrills  @bowmarbowhunting

    29 day ago

    Plante o bem e tenho que vocês só vão colher coisas boas... Obrigado pelo livramento meu Deus ❤️??

    1 day ago

    Let’s all take a moment to appreciate  @suspiciousantwerp, in love with this brand!!This hoodie is exactly what I needed to survive the winter.  #suspiciousantwerppartner

    15 day ago

    When you want to show off your puppy but you need them likes ? •Thank you  @foufoupuppies for my fur ball ??

    2 day ago

    ชุดระบายอากาศช่วงพุง ชิลๆอยู่บ้านค่า ?@jaspalofficial

    28 day ago

    Going to miss you India ??❤️  #india  #mumbai

    6 day ago

    You when your best friends start to date ?❤️ (tag a friend)

    5 day ago

    in the gram we trus... ted.

    5 day ago

    Pain plus love n time = power

    24 day ago

    Доброе субботнее утро!!! Всем хорошего дня!!!  #волосыастуткакнадрожжах  #ааааа

    16 day ago

    Olha só Ariana Grande totalmente no clima de  #MeninasMalvadas para o clipe de ‘thank u, next’! Regina George que nos perdoe, mas a cantora está tããão barro com o visual da personagem! A ansiedade pra conferir o resultado está enorme!  #repost  @arianagrande