🎃Roxanne is back with a fresh Halloween makeup tutorial! What are Ü gonna be this year? 🎃 LINK IN BIO! Lips by  @worshipmina !! 💋

19 day ago

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    22 day ago

    WAS LAST NIGHT REAL?!? (Make sure to SWIPE LEFT to see all of the photos) •TAG 2 friends that you would want to take with you to an awards show&which is your favorite awards emoji ?????? •I had such an amazing time co hosting the  @streamys Premiere Awards with  @blameitonkway and also performing my song  #imnotalone with the most amazing people!! •Thank you  @joeyharrisinc  @drewpbaldwin for everything!

    2 day ago

    10 days of ??? starts now! First up: the ultimate cozy gift. Tag a friend below & you’ll both be entered for a chance to win a City Sweatshirt & a $50 gift card to stock up on more holiday faves.

    29 day ago

    The newest member of Kings of Leon

    25 day ago

    Ваша любимая рубрика???Пора становится президентом, раз талант?? Решила стать самой красивой, но не смогу??‍♀️?‍♀️ ( я надеюсь вы понимаете что я шучу, а то начнёте сейчас)) Сегодня в течение дня я напишу слово СТОП, чей коммент будет сразу после тому 1к на карту☘️? Все видео с бабушкой здесь ??  #alknv_бабушка ? долистайте до 16 года, я очень поменялась)))

    24 day ago

    SUNDAY TORONTO THE GOOD!!!  @calpurniaofficial is signing our EP at  @sonicboommusic. The first 250 people who buy Scout on Saturday at Sonic Boom get a wristband - bring it all back Sunday and we will affix our handwritten endorsements individually!!! Hit the link in the bio for more info. See you this weekend yeahhhhhhh❤️

    20 day ago

    Just your favorite rappers Lil Nate & MaxYE! ??  #iloveitchallenge

    21 day ago

    An early wake up call.  #PorscheMoment (?:  @surferspushmongo)

    12 day ago

    Music on world off...? Coment wich is your favorite song for your workouts motivation? . Join the team  @need_supps

    20 day ago

    Happy cday to the  #youngbull  @roddyricch you gone be rich by your next cday! Live it up

    9 day ago

    Sin detenernos????We don’t stop  #DoItYourWay

    21 day ago

    Bora treinar juntxs. Que tipo de exercício ce curte fazer? ? Comenta aqui. Link pra baixar os treinos nos stories! ???  @btfitapp ⠀ ⠀  #25mincomkefera  #btfitapp  #mundobt  #eunobtfit

    12 day ago

    Happy Halloween sheeesh!!  #ifimlucky

    24 day ago

    This  #MarvelHalloween, take a sip of vengeance. (☕:  @baristart)  #ComicsNCoffee

    10 day ago

    Fast performance, 2TB capacity, and pocket-sized.  #Xbox

    9 day ago

    Cheetos or Doritos??? Which one??

    29 day ago

    Tag 4 friends that need to see this?Everyone has their own timeline. This is one of my biggest messages. Everyone has their own clock. Don’t rush yourself because of anyone else.