Back at it tomorrow night in New York.

Back at it tomorrow night in New York.

Scotiabank Arena23 day ago

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    • @dawitchkingofnowhere22 day ago

      @andrewbrown2424 yes. Thankyou.

    • @brayanfriaas22 day ago

      @cumarin_ si , los raptors vienen bien :(

    • @etay_322 day ago


    • @ryanprestonn_22 day ago


    • @kamapahukoa22 day ago


    • @goodieman322 day ago

      @nextmrcrime it’s only the 2nd game of the season. Don’t get to hyped now bro..but good game tho💯💯

    • @ponercts422 day ago

      I am so sad🙅😢🍀🏀😬

    • @kayg4722 day ago

      @danielevans___ look at those three losers

    • @juliesanchez_xoxo22 day ago

      Can’t believe we lost 😢

    • @b.daigz22 day ago

      @theyoungvon nah like how you guys choked every year in the playoffs

    • @_andre_gelias_22 day ago

      FAT L for u leprechauns

    • @j_haught2122 day ago

      @isaac_ross_98 ya the Celtics really are worried about a regular season game, at least we don’t think the team with the best regular season record wins the finals

    • @zach.couldrey22 day ago

      🇨🇦 W

    • @fuz_one22 day ago

      both teams played hard great game to watch , shame so many turnovers

    • @trappist_6522 day ago sorry

    • @__mrwest__1222 day ago

      We gonna get them back it was a tough game on the road

    • @erickem1122 day ago

      @danielevans___ dilusional, but ok... screenshot this and holla at me in June.

    • @sebxdixz22 day ago


    • @lemcabs2322 day ago

      @yadi8754 with or without kawhi lebron owns your team😂😂😂 thats toronto bro they will come up with the best record in the east but yet they can't survive playoffs

    • @yadi875422 day ago

      @lemcabs23 that happened to y'all too

    • @thor_lb22 day ago

      @juicy7sd yes we are. We destroyed Philadelphia with ease, remember? Give Kyrie and Hayward time to recover and we'll see who the clown is

    • @pass_da_akamuli22 day ago

      More Raptors fans on this page than Boston...... FOH

    • @84ktulu22 day ago

      Let me get another jump charge. Is this new? How can u leave ur feet on defense and draw a charge?

    • @jonathan.j.bonilla22 day ago

      @b.daigz 😂😂 we made it far without r team heathy not once but twice remember tht

    • @ema_girafe_nba22 day ago

      I love celtics

    • @kalvins0222 day ago


    • @mateo.d.torre.321 day ago


    • @iamyoungtaki21 day ago

      This is probably gunna go unnoticed but Im a 14 year old youtuber and I make basketball related videos🏀. You would really make my day just by liking this comment to help people notice me quicker💯 Appreciate you and God Bless you all 🙏🏾

    • @luigi_rizzo_11_19_0518 day ago


    • @juicy7sd17 day ago

      @thor_lb if you are watching today’s game you will realize what I meant when I said you guys are clowns

    • @juicy7sd17 day ago

      @lauree.glowin I’m watching you guys right now, getting blown out in the 1st half 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • @lauree.glowin17 day ago

      @juicy7sd Otay so you wanted to attack me, and Celtics won. So what's up?

    • @juicy7sd17 day ago

      @lauree.glowin damn I don’t have anything to say 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • @cm_saajin13 day ago

      Y’all lost coz no one couldn’t guard kawhi and he just getting started. Raptors are the new champion contenders don’t @me

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