Who will win this year at #SurvivorSeries? #TeamRed or #TeamBlue?

Who will win this year at  #SurvivorSeries?  #TeamRed or  #TeamBlue?

1 month ago

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    27 day ago

    Thanks  #CMAAwards for a good night. Now we’re off for a little vacation

    27 day ago


    29 day ago

    On this  #WorldKindnessDay I had fun surprising visitors to the  @WhiteHouse! Thank you to all who come through and visit this magnificent home.  #BeBest

    19 day ago

    La hermosa  @sara_uribe nos revela todo sobre su embarazo y la dulce espera de su hijo  #JacoboGuarínUribe. “Lo que menos pensé en mi vida era que iba a tener un hijo de  @fguarin13 Sin embargo, fue una decisión de vida, lo planeamos y lo buscamos”, dice Sara en la nueva edición de la revista. Entérate de todos los detalles, ¡Ya a la venta! Fotos:  @delvecchio21 Maquillaje y peinado:  @duvanpmakeup Producción de moda:  @karenramirezst Vestuario:  @anaarangodesign  @ambarmoda  @duna_store Hotel:  @hotelesestelar_ Hotel Estelar La Torre Suites, Medellín

    15 day ago

    @badboi Are Zebra’s black with white stripes or white with black stripes ? • • • • This is my expression for seeing wild zebra ?  @karmagawa ???

    11 day ago

    ?сколько акул на фото?

    24 day ago

    تزهو بك الأعوام يا نبض عمان .. كل عام وعماننا بأمن وأمان واستقرار ..  #العيد_الوطني_48  #تزهو_بك_الأعوام . . اتمنى اشوف علم عمان بالكومنتات ??????

    4 day ago

    Toda ação tem um resultado. ・・・  #Repost  @dollynhoopressor Tarde demais, as universidades estão lotadas de imbecis!

    10 day ago

    Who will it be? ?

    5 day ago

    Пятница. Ночь. А дома дочь... и дочь...  #пишустихи  #доого  #никтонепокупает  #ааааа

    9 day ago

    To infinity & beyond babe. Let the holiday begin❤️

    22 day ago

    Former work husband. Current friend for life. I will always be one of his biggest fans.  #ScandalFam  @networkbway  @americansonplay  #networkbway

    10 day ago

    For our SANGEET, the Chopra family decided to depict Mimi didi and Nick’s love story though songs, scenes and skit - full bollywood style!!! The whole family rehearsed for days and days. And were ready to beat the Jonas side hollow!!! But when the ladka wallas came on stage, they stumped us. They had been rehearsing for a long time. They sang and danced LIVE, including lip syncing hindi songs!!!!!! Damn, we should have known. ? All of this - but the spirit of competition was overpowered with love, happiness, laughs, whistles, cheering and noise!!! Wow wow wow. WHAT A NIGHT. P.S. We shared the trophy ?

    3 day ago

    CONSEGUI!!!!! ✨ pode parecer pouco conseguir completar esses 5km mas pra mim foi o começo de uma nova fase: determinação! A ideia era fazer a prova em 45 minutos. Depois o objetivo passou pra 38 minutos. E hoje eu consegui completar em 33 minutos!! ?? agora é buscar diminuir esse tempo! porque certamente essa foi a primeira de muitas!! Obrigada por todo apoio, vcs foram muito importantes! Agora bora! Qual o próximo desafio!? deem ideias pro  @gusraupp ? #run  #running  #runningmotivation

    29 day ago

    Unleash Speed. Introducing the new Initiator #X18, exclusively available now through adidas and select retail partners. . Save this post to your collection. .  #Football  #Soccer  #adidasFootball

    17 day ago

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