It's so sad to read the comments and DM's from Women saying I'm "setting a bad, unrealistic example for other women and my daughter" when I post photos like this 5 weeks after giving birth....becoming a mom doesn't mean the end of YOU as a woman. This is my life. This is who I am 5 weeks later- walk your own journey and don't judge others along the way. ✨ Dress by @michaelcostello

It's so sad to read the comments and DM's from Women saying I'm "setting a bad, unrealistic example for other women and my daughter" when I post photos like this 5 weeks after giving birth....becoming a mom doesn't mean the end of YOU as a woman. This is my life. This is who I am 5 weeks later- walk your own journey and don't judge others along the way. ✨ Dress by  @michaelcostello

1 month ago

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    • @duchessmegz13 day ago

      You look fab honey loved you since house hunting in bently w blue birkin w reza keeep doing you gurl and twirl thay runway w cock screw the haters your a boss and God will protect you from their Evil Eye -GodBless

    • @basia.brown13 day ago

      Some people have great genes. I don’t. I knew someone that gave birth and was wearing her size 2 jeans in the hospital. She was lucky. Why be jealous because her metabolism is fast or she has good genes?

    • @anitaluv5413 day ago

      @yup_thatswhatitia My dear....I am a big fan of Lily! I compliment her & what she does all the time and her baby is a living doll! Whatever it was that I said (I don't remember?) You got it all twisted! So, mind your business! It's Kim Zolciak that I was writing about! Because I can't stand her! No...I don't know her personally but my opinion of her is that she's a pretentious and fake as fuck, person! Two qualities in a person that I detest! Plus, I hate liars! Ok??? I'm allowed to speak my mind, so why don't you get a life!!! By the way, I'm not a jealous person. I've lived a quite eventful, fun, full life and am really, quite content and happy in my own skin! Women have been jealous of me and have felt threatened by me, my whole life! So, I certainly wouldn't be a jealous person, too...when it's been an ongoing issue that I've been dealing with most of my life!! I do NOT play the whole "jealousy" me! I am happy for good and successful people! Because, I've lived a happy~full life, myself! And a very, lavish life, myself! I have no complaints! I feel very grateful, in fact! 💕💕💕

    • @anitaluv5413 day ago

      @littlemermaid95x people are commenting about Kim Zolciak!!! Not, Lily G!

    • @littlemermaid95x13 day ago

      @anitaluv54 yeah my ass below lily's pic

    • @littlemermaid95x13 day ago

      @anitaluv54 they are most def talking about lily

    • @evolutionmedspa11 day ago

      Be yourself and I agree with lisahochstein ! In my line of work I get DM’s from women saying the same thing! Just be you! ❤️

    • @sharis_shirinian11 day ago

      I love to be a mommy like you😍😘

    • @anitaluv5411 day ago

      @littlemermaid95x Noooooo! It’s below Kim Zolciak’s “comment” that she commented on, which is “below” Lily’s pic! Get a life!

    • @moon.homestyle10 day ago


    • @raeantonio410 day ago

      Keep doing what you love💖 inspire by you! ✨😍✨😍💫💫

    • @iampamelav9 day ago

      That part!🙌🏽

    • @lauraezep8 day ago


    • @lauraezep8 day ago

      I still want to be me after I have children too!🙌

    • @yapper4u20007 day ago

      You look amazing ..and if you have the energy to do all this after 5 weeks you are definitely an inspiration..all i wanted to do was sleep 😅😩..Many blessings 😍

    • @makeupvincenza7 day ago

      Amen 💜 you’re absolutely a beautiful woman

    • @destinityjae6 day ago

      Humans are so annoying I swear!! Worry about your own life & stop worrying about what other people have going on!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 you look beautiful btw 💕

    • @luvi3_j6 day ago

      You look amazing to me. They just jealous

    • @jessicaaaaaa6176 day ago

      You are just beautiful nothing you can do about it! 💖💖💖💖💖

    • @poshdollparis6 day ago


    • @bellamia_7206 day ago

      @lillyghalichi ignore the haters!! You are the most amazing, adorable, caring, women empowering, sweet, genuine DOLL!! Please don’t let the haters affect you they must just be envious! Whether you are 120, 110 or 180lbs your inner beauty surpasses your exterior, which btw, is exquisite ❤️ god bless you and your family

    • @oostarrliteoo6 day ago

      🖤🖤🖤!! Everyone has their own journey. You are not setting a bad example by living your best life  @lillyghalichi And to all the haters....nobody’s life is perfect. Every mother has her ups and downs during the journey. We should be empowering and supporting women and mothers. Not tearing each other down. You’re daughter is beautiful! Enjoy it. The days are long but the years are short! 😘

    • @sabrina.arcaro.mtl6 day ago

      Those ppl have nothing better to do! Let them talk you are an inspiration! To get up and do something with yourself! and not stay at home and criticize ppl and how they look! GOD BLESS and I better look like this after giving birth!

    • @blvck.diesel6 day ago

      I’m trying to find the unrealistic values she was talking about 😂😂. People are forever mad for someone else’s hard work. They’ll be stuck in they situation, because they took more time coming for you than putting that same energy into they craft. 😂♥️✨

    • @jennvillasenorr5 day ago


    • @sassyislandgal4 day ago

      Do you boo! ♥️

    • @chicmeetsbeauty4 day ago

      Beautiful dress!! Love it!  @lillyghalichi

    • @jennyd2234 day ago

      I don't understand how people think your setting a bad example...everyone's body is different, women recover on different what you look amazing!

    • @kitty000013 day ago

      Amen  @lillyghalichi I wouldn’t even bother with the green eye monsters they are your biggest fans lol ❤️

    • @wifey_angel1772 day ago

      Omg.. you look fabulous! 👠👗Never let anyone dull your Sparkle girl, you look great and sweet person inside out!❤️🤗😘

    • @midya_n1 day ago

      It’s not unrealistic, I sadly lose every single pound within 2 weeks without dieting or working out. but to be fair, for you to be sad about being 110 pounds!!!!! I don’t know how tall you are but the goal to reach 100 pounds is too skinny and doesn’t look good.

    • @m.e.c.a.n.b1 day ago

      Wedding fibe

    • @susub121 day ago

      Haters will always hate being fabulous takes a lot of hard work you look amazing and are such an inspiration to us women that feel like having kids makes ur life over when it’s not... keep doing you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • @lydiaelfenbein1 day ago

      Gorgeous dress

    • @rebecca_white101223 hour ago

      I wanna read those bad comments 😂😂 there's nothing you need to feel badly for.. I'm sure you put in the work it takes to look amazing... if they put the same effort the wouldn't look all messy 😩

    • @curvy_doll1323 hour ago

      I absolutely love what you're saying in this post. Just because a woman chooses to become a mom does not mean that they have to walk around being someone other than themselves. Having a child doesn't mean that you have to dress down every day and no longer care for yourself. In fact, it's the exact opposite. Now that you have a child, you should take even better care of yourself so that you can not lose yourself due to a new title, called "Mom". the happier and healthier you are, the more your daughter will benefit from your state of mind and way of being

    • @littlebluehummingbird13 hour ago

      Amen sista!

    • @tgoddessm13 hour ago

      People r just nasty. I weighted 10lbs less and was a whole size smaller, 3 months after my first child was born. (I wasn’t so lucky after the second baby) people r just nasty w jealousy. You look amazing, what other people think is irrelevant as long as you feel healthy and good. I cannot believe they would try to shame you instead of using your success as motivation and drive. Smh

    • @___v__e__r__o___3 hour ago

      Being your best self, isn’t for everyone. There’s a reason you are where you are. You being your best self is your personal journey. As everyone else’s best self journey is theirs. Keep doing you ma. Not everyone is aspiring to be their best self!

    • @claireiviesincl2 hour ago

      I hate when people get jealous when people bounce back it’s disgusting besides she was working out during her pregnancy and is a first time mum of course she’ll bounce back

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