GUESS WHOS BACK! Season 6‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Bonnie & Clyde aka Keisha & Tommy ❤️❤️#powertv

GUESS WHOS BACK! Season 6‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Bonnie & Clyde aka Keisha & Tommy ❤️❤️  #powertv

Brooklyn, New York1 month ago

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    • @july_note_19 day ago

      @_alexandra_lebron_ you entitled to feel how you want but my wife is mine and ain’t no man acting or not putting his lips on shit of mine I don’t give a damn bout no tv cus in the privacy of some of these film stars homes they could be doing all kinds freaky shit behind them doors and then come kiss my wife? Then come bring that shit home and kiss me ? Or my kids ? Naw you can have that shit

    • @july_note_19 day ago

      @_alexandra_lebron_ call it what you want people be having all kinda diseases and all that stuff ain’t nobody bringing shit home to me and my family cus of a job single people need to do that kinda stuff not married people.. plus i don’t have no hard feelings toward lala or what she do that life just ain’t for me cus If im married all that stuff is reserved for me and my woman and my family period

    • @_alexandra_lebron_19 day ago

      @july_note_ That I totally agree with. I wouldn't be okay with it either. I wouldnt date an actor.

    • @july_note_19 day ago

      @_alexandra_lebron_ exactly thank you that’s all I’m sayin..

    • @sweetnytaa18 day ago

      So cute 😍

    • @medinaadrian8118 day ago


    • @sheaso_lovely18 day ago

      @lovelyti_ bye , she just started watching yesterday lol

    • @lovelyti_18 day ago

      @sheaso_lovely lmao mind your business

    • @devon_truestory10018 day ago

      Look at this shit lmao  @___mrssamuel

    • @___mrssamuel18 day ago

      @devon_truestory100 swear they together 😂😍😍

    • @bettyaolah17 day ago

      Tommy 😘😍😍😍

    • @artisticallyinclined17 day ago

      i'm ready for Tommy's explanation & beef with Ghost 'bout his father  #sadbusiness  #friendshiplostperhaps

    • @thehighestlove16 day ago

      Tommy is fine♥️♥️♥️

    • @fit_n_order16 day ago

      @volt_brandchise 😎

    • @vickynesty_15 day ago

      U guys are cute wish u both were couples

    • @juliusbridgesjr15 day ago

      ( smiling ) MY FAVORITE SHOW ... EASILY !

    • @juliusbridgesjr15 day ago

      Blessings to you both ..

    • @lord_waingro14 day ago

      Mad disrespectful.

    • @tommy_diallo13 day ago


    • @criminal_manne12 day ago


    • @rentemspoons91112 day ago

      This nerd

    • @aprildotchristenmcneil12 day ago

      @gabrielle.jay because your freak like us you just said it out loud😂🙌😘❤️

    • @lydiamaypetch12 day ago

      @melissa_petch told you there would be a season 6!!!!

    • @leandraspilka11 day ago


    • @imfreddyp11 day ago

      Get yo hands off her yo.. I wish I had a character on that show.. Keisha jealous ex Bf 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

    • @itz_nath.an10 day ago

      @josephsikora4 I see you Cherr oo

    • @hotboy_blurbs10 day ago

      Wtf tommy tryna kill ghost  @lala 😈😈

    • @henrypei__9 day ago

      Melo Man U need to fuk this nigga up man 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • @mertsezerulas9 day ago


    • @lollz.m8 day ago

      That's like belly Tommy & Keisha 😂

    • @samantwalker7 day ago

      I hate we have to wait almost a year before new episodes.

    • @kingchavelle7 day ago

      Gary Owens brother

    • @jennycooxy6 day ago


    • @yoldjie014 day ago

      I love you lala

    • @misskimberlycurry4 day ago


    • @clemenstime3 day ago

      Holy crap... a white person!

    • @yesebe122 day ago


    • @creece_kix6 hour ago

      This why  @carmeloanthony bout to get kicked off the 🚀s...🤦🏽‍♂️

    • @calo381 hour ago


    • @iamslimgotti35 minute ago

      Keisha scary asf

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