Big love to my brother @cristiano for coming to my show last night in Paris!! #2SidesWorldTour #OhYea

Big love to my brother  @cristiano for coming to my show last night in Paris!!  #2SidesWorldTour  #OhYea

France27 day ago

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    • @officialdownkins_17 day ago


    • @ice_kvn17 day ago

      Et cristiano aime tes chansons !!!!

    • @sonjabergeler16 day ago

      Two of my favorite men❤❤❤

    • @sagal.ibrahim_16 day ago why do u care about money u brat

    • @feisty.one16 day ago

      @sagal.ibrahim_ Why do you care about looks? Bore off ya melt

    • @sagal.ibrahim_16 day ago bru I’m not even in the looks but why do u care about money it’s not like ur gonna marry him😂 gold digger 🙄

    • @feisty.one16 day ago

      @sagal.ibrahim_ Shut up you fool... I said it because she said Ronaldo wasn’t as good looking as Derulo so I asked does he have as much money as him? Cause I’m sure he could care less if he’s prettier or not with all the money he makes. Stop talking out your ass

    • @sagal.ibrahim_16 day ago look at this 30 year old arguing 😂😊

    • @feisty.one16 day ago

      @sagal.ibrahim_ I’m 22... You’re the one hiding behind a fake profile. Bye 👋🏼

    • @ameliakristinn16 day ago  @sagal.ibrahim_ please you two stop fighting! I said that Jason looks much better in THIS PICTURE than CR not that CR is ugly or about who of them makes the most money! It is a picture of them two so I just said my opinion. No need to fight about

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    • @reganbigpopa14 day ago


    • @patricia.wydh14 day ago

      Wow!!😍🔝  @cristiano 😘😘

    • @hjmerentes2514 day ago

      @albertolab vas a tener un orgasmo con esta foto

    • @albertolab14 day ago

      @hjmerentes25 🌋👹

    • @novenskytheard14 day ago

      @nick7nn Wtf😂😂😂

    • @p0utsykely14 day ago

      @neereahg 😱😱😱 haha

    • @neereahg14 day ago

      @p0utsykely ouiiii j'ai oublié de te le dire!!!!! Jajajajajaja

    • @aas_priv13 day ago


    • @charlybrandnew13 day ago

      Two legends

    • @homegirl_of_health13 day ago

      I thought that was Vamilla Ice for a min

    • @jeremia_patrick_tz13 day ago


    • @the.gunnarsentwins12 day ago

      Lol, Ronaldo have so ugly face! especially in this photo😵 It's Jason with the cute face and the other with the...😅😅😅 (I don't hate it, I just tell what I see)

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    • @bashirjason10 day ago


    • @kksm2210 day ago

      Já foste Cândido

    • @angelinaanwer1810 day ago

      @cristiano ❤️❤️

    • @_.laamyaa7 day ago

      ❤️❤️ The Best in the world CR7🔥

    • @iamhaitian5097 day ago


    • @inesgomes_995 day ago

      Melhor do mundo ❤❤❤

    • @karimequirozr5 day ago

      King & King👑😍

    • @brad__damon3 day ago

      @kawuk.m 😂

    • @kawuk.m2 day ago

      @brad__damon 😂😂😂

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    • @ceaser_schmidt1 day ago

      I need a sexy and comfy sugar babe from Canada and US only. Your weekly allowance is assured all I need is your loyalty and a sincere attitude. Dm

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