how does it feel?

16 day ago

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    9 day ago

    Jikalau ini adalah ftv, pastilah judulnya: “Balada ibu bebenah mainan anak” karrnaaa yaa bginilah hari-hari jadi buibu dengan pemandangan mainan di stiap sudut . Kalo versii  #FallingStarsChallenge  @lunamaya  @iwetramadhan  @edrictjandra  @melaney_ricardo bagaymanaahh?!?? *Pssttt: Kalau mau  #FallingStarsChallenge JANGAN LUPA: 1.Di kompleks aja, krn di jalan raya BAHAYA 2. Pastiin ada yang jagain kanan kirinya buat ngasi tau kl ada kendaraan yg mau lewat, kalo gada org buat jagain mending GA USAH 3. Minta izin tetangga,salamin dari ujung sampe ujung,kalo jadinya pada tau trus nontonin,ya skalian lah jual tiketnya biar pada nobar  #AyuDewiStory  #FallingStarsChallenge

    13 day ago

    Tag someone who brings out the best in you?Often we just bring out what people already have inside themselves, and sometimes we’re able to help transform that.

    7 day ago

    Tag someone ?✨

    10 day ago

    Listo para el partido de mañana!  #HalaMadrid

    6 day ago

    ?W O R K?

    14 day ago

    Harpers Bazaar Arabia October ?My roots!! Such a great day thank you ?@harpersbazaararabia by  @marianovivanco ?@michelle__cameron  @nikimnray  @joeygeorge ???

    4 day ago

    Going on a date when you’re broke.. ? (LINK IN BIO) w:  @adamw &  @chelsearae__

    18 day ago

    Celebrating with my Ohana  @realdealmada  @maineikinimaka today is the day. A new chapter. SEE begins. Aloha BV.  #amaronevalpolicella  #cioppinos  #mahalopino

    1 month ago

    Earmuffs are essential around the fatal scream of a Mandrake.

    29 day ago

    @reyasroom  #phworthy

    17 day ago

    More life ...!!!!  @wemasepetu ❤? Anapendeza kuwa mke halali wa nani....??? Sema ukweli ....!!!

    21 day ago

     #MartiniArtnugan getting some sun...???  @Martini_Artnugan  #WSHH

    5 day ago

    Photo by @max.lowe // Somehow I always forget just how incredible it is that in the right place this time of year you can walk through halls of gold; an unreal earthbound dream all its own. Last week hiking midst one of the largest organisms on earth, a massive aspen grove outside Crested Butte CO. Follow @max.lowe to see more imagery from his fall wanderings.

    15 day ago

    Everyone please DM  @gy_yrigoyen and guilt trip him in to letting us get our own corgi stat. OK GO!

    25 day ago

    Volviendo poniéndonos a punto. ?‍♂️?  #ForzaInter ?⚫️

    29 day ago

     #Regram  @PATMcGRATHReal ・・・  #MothershipV  #BronzeSeduction available  @Sephora. ⚡⚡⚡ Each shade is uniquely resplendent; offering the most sumptuously sensorial application. Powerfully pigmented with exceptional payoff and extraordinary blendability, these lush textures glide and blend flawlessly within the contours of the eye, flexibly hugging the skin while staying effortlessly in place ⚡⚡⚡