6 months in the making... #willsmiththejump

6 months in the making...  #willsmiththejump

Arizona2 month ago

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    7 day ago

    Doctor says- "Trevor you're recovering well, just make sure to stay silent and indoors all weekend" What I hear- "Trevor you get to play FIFA 19 non stop and no-one can judge you"  #silverlining  #FutWeekend #fut  #fifa19

    4 day ago

    Recording my new mix tape loool jk some voice over work today for the new  @fitplan_app ?

    27 day ago

    Неожиданная встреча в Колорадо с  @aleksandrovechkinofficial. Саша позвал на матч, но я из-за концерта не мог. Вчера Александр забил решающий гол в матче, благодаря чему «Вашингтон» победил на выезде «Колорадо». Поздравляю  @aleksandrovechkinofficial с очередной профессиональной удачей!  #нхл  #александовечкин

    7 day ago

    When christmas is around the corner.. my favorite holiday! ❄️ wearing  @lulus  #lovelulus #ad

    12 day ago

    Which filter do you like best? ???

    8 day ago

    "Оглянувшись на прожитую жизнь, вы поймете, что лишь те мгновения, когда вы руководились духом любви, были прожиты по-настоящему". Генри Драммонд Да? А вы любили?А сколько раз?  #love

    5 day ago

    Just a small town Texas boy ? • • • where are you from?

    11 day ago

    I had so much fun working with my daughter  @bella on Homegrown Christmas. Tune in Saturday night Dec 8th 8/7c on  @hallmarkchannel ( check your local listing because times do vary and set your DVR)  #homegrownchristmas  #countdowntochristmas ?

    10 day ago

    Lord, thank you for giving and blessing me with this special day. I will forever praise You. I pray that You continue to give me many more days like today. Styled by  @afuarida Hair  @ninamischka ?  @chocolate_shot_it PersonalShopper  @besazboutique MUA  @divinecaseygh

    22 day ago

    @valisere ?  #valiserelovers

    28 day ago

    Чёеееелка ? Да или нет ??

    23 day ago

    Saya melantik Jenderal TNI Andika Perkasa sebagai Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Darat (KSAD) pagi ini di Istana Negara, menggantikan Jenderal TNI Mulyono yang akan memasuki masa pensiun. Jenderal Andika lulus dari Akademi Militer pada tahun 1987 dan merupakan salah seorang perwira TNI AD yang memperoleh penghargaan Bintang Kartika Eka Paksi Nararya. Ia pernah bertugas di Kopassus, jadi Dankodiklat, Pangdam, Pangkostrad, kemudian sebelumnya pernah jadi Kadispen TNI AD dan Danpaspampres. Jadi, tour of duty-nya lengkap. Selamat menjalankan tugas, Jenderal Andika!

    12 day ago

    Kal kiska happy happy birthday hain ? Welcoming jiju on Instagram on his birthday eve  @gaurav514singh ! Give him lotsa love ❣️?? P.s This handsome lil boy s all mine ?  @shivaani_malik_singh

    27 day ago

    South Africa! ?? I’m back for the third time this year! Everything from AfrikaBurn to helping the rapidly decreasing population of Rhinos ? this place has transformed my outlook on life and will always feel like home. ♥️ working with  @karmagawa this month following up with  @vetpaw and seeing how things are going since we’ve last visited! Excited to share this experience with you guys! // Got this photo last time I was here with  @livetheadventure. This was right after these cheetah's caught a gazelle! ??