It’s that time of year again... Who’s ready for Halloween? 😈

2 month ago

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    6 day ago

    Viyana’ ya konsere...durmak yok yola devam????‍♀️

    20 day ago

    Sound ??? . You can take a Mumbaikar out of Mumbai but you can't take Mumbai out of a Mumbaikar! . Swipe ⬅️ for more. .  #CricketMeriJaan  @rohitsharma45

    2 day ago

    ???me when i look at these photos! YO what magazine wants to put us on a cover...Or what company wants to put us on a campaign/billboard?HIT US UP! S/O to  @iamreggiemoore for being such a dope photographer getting these amazing shots of  @joyjah and I!???? My makeup deets: Lips:  @fentybeauty gloss bomb- fenty glow & flyliner on eyes Highlight:  @narsissist Ibiza

    10 day ago

    Dad took us to his old stomping grounds last night. So awesome to see him in his element and what an amazing night. Can’t believe we’re the same age in this picture.  #comedystorelondon

    15 day ago

    Lo dekh lo https://youtu.be/alMowTBixZg  #atifaslam  #speakyourheartout  #aadeez  #fans

    12 day ago

    You showed me how to simply live life and be happy no matter the circumstances. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I miss you & love you so much mommy. ♥️

    3 day ago

    getting sick of the cold weather. i cant stand outside for more than 7 mins

    23 day ago

    Selamat menempuh hidup baru bro  @baimwong dan  @paula_verhoeven , Barakallah, sakinah mawaddah warahmah, aamin..

    17 day ago

    I remember when  @aerie used a pic kinda like this [I was sat down twisting but more importantly happy and feeling confident] in a campaign shot about 4/5years ago and the response shocked me. I’m not posing or breathing in, my skin is soft and squishy, this is what my stomach naturally looks like when I’m moving, twisting... living.  #aerieReal means me and my fellow models are never retouched, and the comments said that because my stomach didn’t look like what had traditionally been shown in lingerie or swim ads It was “disgusting, diseased, and like a fat ?” As shocked as I was that people were shaming my natural non photoshopped bod it excited me because clearly these images needed to be seen and shared. I will continue to do me, and be grateful that I have this body that God made for me. I urge you to see yourself for more than others opinions, images you see or ideals that aren’t even real. You and your body deserve your love❤️

    5 day ago

    Chegamos Brasil! Resumo da viagem: pareço plena mas to tipo zumbi, porque foi basicamente assim: quando stella dormia vicky tava acordada e vice versa. Mas amém, chegamos e sou grata a Deus pela minha saúde ? e a  @maxmilhas pelas passagens super acessíveis, como de praxe. Que alegria estar de volta! ❤️ ??

    23 day ago

    MOOD ???

    14 day ago

    ???? ??

    22 day ago

    black friday shopping is starting early on boyslieofficial.com ? get your free lip gloss when you purchase my bundle through cyber monday - link in bio

    23 day ago

    just launched my self tanning mousse  @balibody ? love it

    29 day ago

    Amo essa cidade!!! NYC  #friodaporra❄️☃❄️☃

    11 day ago

    Do you guys remember this shot!! I would always be a dare devil when it came to dresses and outfits.. Life's too short