Приятных выходных ❤️

Приятных выходных ❤️

23 day ago

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    3 day ago

    Siapa nama biduanmu? :D Credits:  @komik.dagelan

    5 day ago

    ?Don’t try this at home .....

    21 day ago

    Starting your Monday off right. Riverdale returns WEDNESDAY October 10 on The CW! Catch up first! Link in bio.

    6 day ago

    Japan, thanks for having me ?? It's been one I won't ever forget. From arriving here to travelling back across the world, I've been listening to my favourite tracks to help me maintain absolute focus and perform at my best  @bose  #QC35 II  #ThisIsMyRace  #TeamBose

    13 day ago

    last week was scary, please vote for us ??❤️ call the number in my bio!!

    17 day ago

    IT'S HERE! Disney and Colourpop Disney Designer Collection is LIVE NOW! Shop link in bio! Comment below what you picked up from the collection! ⭐️✨ |  @makeup.just.for.fun  #disneyandcolourpop

    4 day ago

    Pretty much

    11 day ago

    This is SO emotional! Watching my graduation speech from 10 years ago feels so unreal and like another lifetime. I remember standing on the podium and feeling super nervous, but I was speaking from the heart, so it just flowed. What’s funny is that I didn’t follow my own advice at the beginning of my career, I went on to work as a Financial recruiter and I hated it! It was only when I got made redundant that I began to listen to what I had told myself years before and follow my instinct! When you find that thing that’s your passion, everything BEGINS to come together. Of course it doesn’t happen over night, and it takes hard work and determination, but the minute I got into makeup, I finally felt that I had begun to find my purpose.

    12 day ago

    Too saucy to be concerned about a nobody’s opinion of me☺️

    6 day ago

    ШЛЮШИЙ МАКИЯЖ (Часть 3. Заключительная) Девчули, это основные секреты шлюштего лица. И ещё: пишите, что ещё для вас из Бьюти секретиков не ясно и я так уж и быть буду поделяться с вами своей бьюти-мудростью и челябинским неповторимым фешэном. Берегите себя и своих близлежащих ?

    18 day ago

    Amazing feeling leading  @spursofficial out tonight and scoring in my hometown! On to the next round ??  #COYS

    28 day ago

    Похожи???? Мне кажется одно лицо?? А НОВЫЙ ВИДОСИК уже на моем основном канале, так что заходите и смотрите? В нем я кстати показала вам, как делать этот пучочек, который на мне?Поэтому кто постоянно задавался этим вопросом, смотри новое видео??

    25 day ago

    @djenvy oh you want the song now now.. ?  @artisthbtl Sittin’ In My Car DJ Envy ft. Fabolous & A-Boogie Wasn’t sure about it, should we put it out ? Let us know ⬇️

    20 day ago

    I think I stand pigeon toed cause of Michael Jordan ?

    28 day ago

    Winning the lace race.  #HM Court shoes: 0536663 Flared trousers: 0680186 Embroidered lace blouse: 0688910

    28 day ago

    Сегодня в 18.00 канал Россия 1 «Прямой эфир» Принимаю поздравления и ухожу в зону тишины. ☘️