Приятных выходных ❤️

Приятных выходных ❤️

2 month ago

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    22 day ago

    So grateful and thankful for everything in my life. Especially you guys ?? thank you for all the support & love. Happy thanksgiving ? I love you all!!

    2 day ago

    Um "bundia" desses, bicho... ? Começando o dia com AMOR em dose dupla! Meus irmãos gêmeos lindos de viver! ????  #Lucca  #Nasser

    9 day ago

    Woke up this morning thinking last night was a dream! Performing with  @ruleyorkcity was everything!! Thank you  @benefitcosmetics for such an epic night ???

    13 day ago

     #IconsOfTomorrow @TommyHilfiger

    2 day ago


    10 day ago

    Freeze, like me ❄️?

    22 day ago

    ‪여러분 잘자요 오늘도 함께해서 너무 행복했어요!!!사랑해요!‬ ‪  #NCT127_SimonSays‬ ‪  #SimonSays  #NCT127

    22 day ago

    Return of the dream team ?@makeupbymikey X  @jaybirmingham_

    19 day ago

    خانومِ تناردیه ?  #بینوایان  #گریم  #کلاه_گیس

    9 day ago

    When they said you’re not invited, but you show up stuntin’ anyways ??  #SHOWUPUNINVITED |  #STUNNA Lip Paint in  #UNINVITED |  @tracyshayne

    13 day ago

    Gordon's recognition tonight is well-deserved.

    16 day ago

    Agree or Disagree? Who would you add? ? (via:  @dunktrey)

    28 day ago

    Who is setting their alarms NOW for the 12/10/2018 drop of this bad boy? These romantic, matte dusty-rose shades in our  #lolitapalette are inspired by our brand's  #latinaheritage : (top to bottom): Promesa, Besitos, Recuerdos, Hermosura, Con Amor, Lolita, Corazon, Eterno ?LAUNCH DATES 12/10 ????  @sephora +  @sephoracanada  #SiJCP AND katvondbeauty.com 12/12 ??  @debenhams January '19 ?? ??  @sephoraaus  @sephorasg February '19 ???????????? March '19  @sephorabrasil +  @sephoramiddleeast

    29 day ago

    ร้านไหน อยากขายดี โหลดแอป True Smart Merchant ผู้ช่วยร้านค้ายุคใหม่ ช่วยให้ขายดีร้านแตกเหมือนมีโป๊ปมาช่วยนะครับ  #ขายดีร้าแตก   #โหลดโป๊ปขายดีปั๊บ   #TrueSmartMerchant  #TruePointandPay

    12 day ago

    Both an honor and a pleasure to play a part in a tribute to my mentor-idol of all time, my dearest uncle  @harveymalaihollo along with other inspiring musicians. I hope i did you justice and can’t congratulate you enough for making such legacy ❤️ ?  @tinaamorpaat  @jongenss  @trikristia and mommy

    3 day ago

    Haha geezus, you can tell by the look on my face how much warm love, admiration and gratitude I have for this mensch & mentor. Great surprise to find out that, Ron Meyer (Vice Chairman of NBC Universal) flew in to visit our set of HOBBS & SHAW here in London. Years ago when I was working hard to break into Hollywood, Ron saw my box office viability and potential force, by giving the “green light” for my first ever starring role as, “The Scorpion King” for Universal Pictures. I had zero acting experience, so all I could offer Ron was my word and handshake to work as hard as I possibly could to deliver — and to not suck lol. The rest is history. And I’ve been the luckiest SOB ever since to have the career I’ve had.  #gratefulman