“Bu an tekrar gelmicek ki” insanı ve bitmeyen hayat enerjisi / (Sen de vücudunda en çok sivilce hangi bölgende çıkıyor, yoruma yaz)

24 day ago

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    29 day ago

    صباح الخير ... كل إنسان منا الله عطا نعمة النطق بس قبل ما نحكي خلينا نسأل حالنا ٣ أشياء : هل صحيح كلامنا ؟ هل هو ضروري ؟ وهل هو لطيف وغير مؤذي؟ الكلام سيف ذو حدّين استخدمه عند الضرورة بشكل لطيف وصحيح لخدمة اخيك الإنسان ... صباحكم جميل كجمال كلامكم  #nadinenassibnjeim  #نادين_نسيب_نجيم #nnn

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    30 day ago

    Kristiansand! Thanks for having us yesterday, you were awesome and we had a really good time!! Next up is Madrid and Barcelona in September, hope to see many of you there❤️  #momentstour

    14 day ago

    BREEZY ? photo  @passmorepics

    13 day ago

    It was a night of icons at this week’s  #TommyXLewis celebration in NYC on Monday! Who wore your favorite look?  #TommyNow  #TommyHilfiger  #IconsOfTomorrow

    10 day ago

    Bring on all the duck jokes! ???  #vegasvibes  #squadgoals

    20 day ago

    Вчера с  @babakov_e устроили лютый челлендж в центре Москвы. Проигравший раздаёт 500 бургеров подписчикам. ? Задача - чтобы с твоей тачкой за 30 минут сфоткалось максимальное количество людей. Кто угадает точный счёт - 3.000 руб. на карту, поехали ?  #бентли или  #пежо  #деньги или  #хайп  #москва

    28 day ago

    В детстве родители часто просили кого то посидеть с ребёнком. Но соглашались на это исключительно близкие люди... Меня оставили с тетей Мариной ??‍♀️  @marina_phedunkiv ?? Интеллигентным человеком с тонкой внутренней организацией ? Моя мама  @tatarkafm просто много работает) А тебя в детстве с кем оставляли?  #gan_13_  #андейборисов  #мамаисын  #тетямаина  #маинафедункив  #федункив  #tatarkafm  #лилияабамова  #камическиеузлы  #алушта  #швейцаия  #альпийскиелуга

    21 day ago

    A little thotty glam if you will ? video is linked in my bio?? - Used  @milanicosmetics Soft and sultry palette and some  @baddieblashes Baddie lashes (all products listed in my video)

    30 day ago

    Dear coffee. You have one job. Now get to work.

    7 day ago

    Hey Everyone, Am coming to  @Celebrityface Fashion PhotoShoot in Delhi WhatsApp ur pics & Details to 8929532212 or 8884677157 or 9999304684 or 7611168048 or 9654422024 or 9643780800 or DM to  @CelebrityFace and get selected for the Meet Greet and Fabulous Fashion PhotoShoot with me. ___________ Send entries now to  @celebrityface  @celebrityfacevilla  @irakeshdwivedi @celebrityfaceIndore ____________ #CFV  #Delhi  #Bhopal  #Nagpur  #Gwalior #MP  #Satna  #PhotoShoot  #Event  #MeetnGreet  #CelebrityFace  #Rewa  #CelebrityfaceVilla  #Indore  #Jabalpur  #Indore  #PhotoShoot  #Ahmedabad  #Kolkata Artistmanagedby  @real_aaryankakkar

    21 day ago

    My British voice is beautiful & sexy. Their “Rock voice” is repugnant & nauseating. The cast that trains together.. stays together. And the cast that talks smack to each other.. become LIFERS. Just your typical day in the IRON PARADISE with my JUNGLE CRUISE ohana, the relentlessly bad ass  @jackwhitehall and the Incomparable One herself, Emily Blunt. Now bring it on in for a nice, long, sweaty, hug that goes on for way too long making it beautifully weird, while wearing 50lb chains.  #MaryPoppinsAndMaui☂??  #JackIsABeast??  #IronParadise  #JungleCruiseOhana  #Lifers

    16 day ago

    What song y’all think I was performing?

    5 day ago

    did you know Nico And The Niners was shot at josh’s high school? Ukraine High. that and more in this video. [link in story]

    1 day ago

    I straight up never got the chance to thank  @flipskateboards and  @bennordberg for the free boards. Thanks dudes.

    24 day ago

    Maybe we can meet in the middle ??‍♀️ •If you could have any color car, what color would it be? Mine would be black and gold ? •Check out the articles I posted on my story about this video!!!!