1 year ago what a trip. Outside trip.

1 year ago what a trip. Outside trip.

2 month ago

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  • @umt.g1 month ago

    @tanertolgatarlaci sen ne diyon aq clubta dayak yiyon bu adam seni mezara gömer

  • @suleymanov.014_1 month ago

    @floydmayweather 😍😍😍💪

  • @kapitonov1 month ago


  • @javadk71 month ago


  • @lowkeyariiii1 month ago

    It’s okay baby you did good

  • @lowkeyariiii1 month ago

    @joshua.olson9385 fuck you

  • @joshua.olson93851 month ago

    @lowkeyariiii that all you have, fuck you, dumb ass hoe

  • @sergio_rus_051 month ago

    You King👑

  • @el_rico_5151 month ago

    Thats right you beat Floyd Real Champion boxing champion and MMA Champion dont believe in this style is better all styles have pro's and con's but how you use it timing the blow is what makes a hard hit

  • @rajdeepd1 month ago


  • @rosa.acosta11130 day ago


  • @bdaiku27 day ago

    @oscardelahoya except  @khabib_nurmagomedov kk😂

  • @hartentus_2826 day ago

    I Like

  • @hartentus_2826 day ago


  • @hartentus_2826 day ago


  • @snethehustler26 day ago


  • @nty20_0425 day ago

    Would love to see McGregor return to Boxing

  • @kh.as124 day ago


  • @argie_vanze22 day ago

    @biracial_l0gic atlesst he step on flloyds ring.. thats real man.. unlike you!!! Flloyd cant step in octagon his a coward

  • @argie_vanze22 day ago

    You blast him on boxing style.. and step in his ring.. if you got power on your punch you did k.o him on uppercut

  • @biracial_l0gic22 day ago

    @argie_kesner he could he would just get his ass whooped

  • @conorthegreat120 day ago

    Conor, you did a wonderful fight with May. We're proud of you.

  • @amirmassoud_ghorbani15 day ago

    بزن پرچاشو وا کن دایی

  • @tlv_money13 day ago

    Why didnt you show when he knocked the snot out of you huh

  • @tlv_money13 day ago

    @charlytakeover__ but who won at the end tho. Floyd ain't no chicken you are

  • @jimena63111 day ago

    @joaquinalvarez_ absolutely

  • @dankishtoo9 day ago

    The man in the area ☠

  • @aksinista8 day ago

    I don't think floyd was the winner. He won because of bias. Conor landed shot for the first 3 rounds like anything and even after that, mcgregor is not someone you hit and then you don't expect a hit back at you. Yes people try to tire him out. Even khabib won that way but we all know, a fighter goes all in and that is what conor does. You wanna make money and fight at his level, come out and give all you got assholes. Floyd Mayweather is a fucking paper champ. He can't beat anyone but his wife.

  • @rostiengonzalez3 day ago


  • @rostiengonzalez3 day ago

    @tlv_money ohhh just shut up, or I'll fook you're ass out🔥😂

  • @tlv_money3 day ago

    @rostiengonzalez shut up hater you just made that Mayweather beat him up and you cant beat me up I'll knock you back to your homeland little boy

  • @rostiengonzalez2 day ago

    @tlv_money ohh really lets just settle this right now,. You travel right here in my HOMELAND and I'll show you what real "beat up" is. Surely Im gonna whoop your freakin ass, and

  • @rostiengonzalez2 day ago

    @tlv_money come here in the Philippines and I'll destroy your mouth

  • @kantemir_0418 hour ago


  • @outrun__plissken1 hour ago

    Woah. A year already?! Omg this was in august. Life. SLOW DOWN NIGGA!

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23 day ago

Yesterdays Glam on the Ultimate Queen K!  @krisjenner Makeup by Me and hair by  @jorgeserranohair  #makeupbyariel  #krisjenner using the  @kyliecosmetics extended burgundy palette?

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?? La strada è quella giusta. Bisogna crederci. Sempre! ?? This is the right way to go. We have to believe in ourselves. Always! ?? On est sur le bon chemin. Il faut y croire. Toujours! #psg  #napoli  #napolipsg #ucl  #icicestparis

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My little angel is 4months old today! It’s going by too fast! ? I still look at Santi and wonder how my body created and nourished this little bundle of love! Truly a miracle! From the moment he was placed in my arms, I knew no love like this before. Happy 4month Birthday mi Santi precioso!!! ?

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We did it all for the cookie: smart hacks for store-bought dough! ???

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???  @chaossixtynine ISSUE 2 cover by  @cassblackbird

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AMA’s 1991:  I just wanna apologize to  @celinedion... cuz I look like a Hip Hop Bumble-Bee #tbt

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My whiskey distillery.