Maaaaan i don’t know if it’s because I’m high as shit right now but this shit got me crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂 i bet even God saying “nigga what” just close yo eyes and pray 😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂  #smilebitch

2 month ago

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    30 day ago

    우리 율리 어마어마하다!! .  #자랑스러워율  #빠져  #사랑니봉  #소원봉  #사랑봉  #소시봉 중에 하나로 정해보자!

    19 day ago

    we’re about to jump out of a plane ✈️  @taylerholder

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    28 day ago

    Leggooo ?

    4 day ago

    Самая правильная педагогика: быть рядом, подсказывать, внушать уверенность, хвалить, не помогать. Не помогать, пока есть шансы справиться самому! ⠀ Источник:  @viralhog ⠀  #доктокомаровский  #видеоЕОК  #воспитание  #забота  #обучение #природа

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    11 day ago

    Happy New month beautiful people..

    17 day ago

    New cosy capsule collection for the little ones

    22 day ago

    Caption this ??  #WSHH

    13 day ago

    쿨쿨?  #예린  #옌니

    22 day ago

    Gelato like Time! ? 1. Ставим Like на это фото ❤️ 2. Пишем любой комментарий или ставим любимый смайлик под этим фото 3. Заходим на аккаунт того, кто написал комментарий перед вами и ставим ему несколько лайков и/или комментариев. ?? Поехали! ????‍♀️

    21 day ago

    The Brodie’s back.  #ThunderUp

    12 day ago

    Время халявы! Условия: 1: Ставим лайк к фото 2: ваш комментарий должен продержаться последним 3 мин. Приз 50 тыс руб. ???  #дневникхача

    15 day ago

    Touring around these last 6 years has been the most magical chapter of my life. The 10 year old in me is still running around with her arms in the air screaming at everything that’s happened. Singing for thousands of you beautiful people, getting to know you and talk to you, seeing the world.... I’m more in love with life and with all of you than I’ve ever been. I’m also sooo excited for the holidays and for what my heart’s been aching for these last years being away from home. Movies with my family. My dad’s tacos. Waking up in the middle of the night and getting cereal from the refrigerator. Sleepovers with my little sister. Talking to my grandparents about their life. FINALLY getting my dog Thunder to LOVE ME because he barely knows me right now ??? I don’t have words to express how excited I am about things coming up next year, and imagining this next chapter and writing this next album ? I’m currently eating fried plantains on my couch with Sofi and Thunder and Leo and refuse to not be in pajamas for the next few days. Thank you again for making this year so beautiful. ❤️ Here’s to the next era, for all of us!!! You make me so happy and I love you. Love only, Camila ?

    17 day ago

    I’m late to the love fest, but let me tell you something-  @lesliegrossman is the greatest human and friend on the planet. I am tremendously lucky to know her... to know her is to love her. Thank you for being you. I love you. Happy Birthday.