นี่คือถูกใช่มั้ย?👌🏻  #Delechallenge

2 month ago

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    5 day ago

    Stop being a perfectionist! - It’s just insecurity exposing itself in your actions. - You’re always capable of a new piece of content In 4 hours anyway? So what’s the hold up? - Don’t let your worry about engagement and likes and following growth dictate your ability to communicate the things you want to talk about. - Share your full passions and points of view not just what you think will do well on instagram! - Let go and post away! - Your true self is always the best post! - Who’s ready to make their next post more  #authentic ? -  #garyvee  #instagram  #perspective

    17 day ago

    Caught slippin.. it’s that Ze ish it’s that Ze ish ?? (makeup by me ?)

    27 day ago

    I loved  @niyamasol’s post yesterday about judging less and loving more. My life and career are centered around my passions and doing things that make me happy. These are the latest from my Vanguard collection called Love?..if you can see they feature lyrics to On the Floor. We never quit, we never rest on the floor. Gettin it in today and everyday...get yours!!! ??  #jloxniyamasol - click the link in my story or bio to buy NOW!

    29 day ago

    My TRAIN -ING Abs with my personal assistant..met randomly in the train ..the one and only FIORELLO  @rosario_fiorello @jbalvin  #moccaremix  #gvlifestyle

    8 day ago

    “ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE ??....WAIT FOR IT !!!!  @lelepons  @mikaela (tag a friend)”

    19 day ago

    1, 2 or 3? Pick your favorite (left to right) and let us know in the comments below! (Photo via  @chinf1ix)  #DanielWellington

    10 day ago

    Братья, сезон набора массы торжественно объявляю открытым в  @sportzona_095 Скидки мощные на все что даёт массу по промокоду  #zuba @sportzona_095 @sportzona_095 @sportzona_095 @sportzona_095

    28 day ago

    Do any of y’all do this? ??  #WSHH

    23 day ago

    Happy birthday sisteronaaaa❤️  @maritbuccino  #lamiacucciolonadipanda?  #loveu

    23 day ago

    me being dramatic at  #Sephoria @sc #ad ?

    18 day ago

    it's an honor to have won best actor, but it's a blessing to have won best friends. thank you  @streamys for the Liza on Demand awards, and for a night that made it into the highlight reel of my life. also, we look delicious and nutritional. i can't wait to keep acting like i love you two... ✨

    11 day ago

    not a costume, a lifestyle

    17 day ago

    E chegamos na quarta e última make de Halloween desse ano: PALHAÇO-CAVEIRA ?? Vem comigo pro canal! ? Como contei para vocês, no projeto todo desse ano conto com a minha grande parceira  @dailus no  #HalloweenTeteDailus ? LINK NA BIO! ✨ | referência Marion Camaleon e Cirque Lady 87 |

    23 day ago

    Venice picture Expectations vs. Reality ? (which one are you?)

    6 day ago

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    17 day ago

    best. prezzy. ever. I will always love you too  @dollyparton ❤️??????